July 20, 2024

Student Government Elections: Who Is Running?

Eastern Vice President: Madysen Hyatt Probst is running for Vice President. She is originally from Texas and she is in her junior year here at Eastern. She wants to continue to foster a unified campus community while bridging the gap between students. She hopes to support all students to thrive with their available opportunities. Her goals consist of creating a home away from home, making sure all students know their resources, and providing a safe space for all students where they know they belong.

Director of Student Events: Lily Hyde is running for Director of Student Events and she’s from Preston, ID. She is a freshman this year. Her job is to hold events at convenient times and locations to accommodate most students’ schedules. She will be a big part of all the events here at Eastern. Her goals are to ensure that all students’ voices are heard and incorporated into event planning, and help create events that will develop friendships and build connections with all students.

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Esi Johnson is running for Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She’s from Tooele and is a freshman this year at Eastern. Her job would be to highlight all of the diversity and to make everyone feel included with whatever is going on.

Student Advocate: Shaun Bryner is running for Student Advocate and he is the current student advocate. He is from good ole Price America and is also a junior this year. His job is to amplify all students’ voices, improve and maintain accessible resources, and drive positive campus changes. One of his goals is to host more unique and engaging events on campus.