July 20, 2024

Hot Rod: A movie review

The movie “Hot Rod” is like the ultimate comedy rollercoaster that takes you on a wild ride of laughs, stunts, and epic fails. If you’re into hilarious fails, weird characters, and a whole lot of laughs, this one’s for you because this is a classic comedy movie. 

   The story follows Rod Kimble, played by the hilarious Andy Samberg, a wannabe stuntman with dreams of jumping over buses and becoming a legendary daredevil like his late father who died from choking on some pie. Rod’s determination is incredible and almost contagious, even though his stunts often end in disaster and leave him almost dead with broken bones. That right there is what makes this movie so good. 

   One of the best things about this movie is its absurd humor and the crazy scenes and stunts. From Rod’s ridiculous training montages to his epic battle with his stepfather, every scene is packed with big laughs and wacky moments that will leave you laughing all night. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s what makes it so loveable and enjoyable. 

   The cast of “Hot Rod” is a comedic dream team. Andy Samberg brings his signature comedy and weirdness to the role of Rod, making him a lovable character that you can’t help but root for. Then there’s Jorma Taccone as Rod’s even weirder stepbrother Kevin, who delivers some of the movie’s most memorable and funny one-liners. And let’s not forget Bill Hader as Dave, Rod’s loyal and unhinged friend who steals every scene he’s in, making it that much funnier. These guys together bring such a unique comedic effect that is so perfect for this movie. 

   “Hot Rod” isn’t just about laughs, it’s also about friendship, family, and chasing your dreams no matter how crazy they may seem to others around you. Rod’s relationship with his stepfather, played by the legendary Ian McShane, adds a heartfelt touch to the story as Rod tries to prove himself worthy of his stepfather’s respect as a man. Throughout the movie Rod tries to earn money to help cure his stepdad of cancer and that alone is respectable. The movie’s message of perseverance and never giving up on your passions and goals is uplifting, inspiring, and will always give you a good laugh. 

   Of course, we can’t talk about “Hot Rod” without mentioning the epic stunt sequences. While Rod’s attempts at being a stuntman may not always go as planned, they are a highlight of the movie and showcase some seriously impressive (and hilarious) action sequences. Without spoiling the movie, I will say there is a very impressive stunt at the end where he attempts to jump 13 school buses on his dirt bike. The soundtrack, filled with ’80s hits, adds to the memorable portion and nostalgia of the film, with the songs being good it makes the scenes that much better. 

   In conclusion, “Hot Rod” is a must-watch comedy that delivers non-stop laughs, heartwarming moments, and a whole lot of out-of-pocket things. It’s the kind of movie that you’ll want to watch repeatedly, and quote with your friends for years to come (me and my friends still do this). So, grab your popcorn, friends, and get ready for a hilarious and unforgettable movie that you will never get tired of.