June 18, 2024

Movie review: Good Will Hunting

In the movie “Good Will Hunting ” the main character’s name is Will Hunting played by Matt Damon. He plays as a young kid that works at MIT as a janitor. It starts off with the math Professor putting an equation that is practically impossible on the chalkboard outside of the class. He tells the students to try to solve it and also states that it took him and his colleagues years to solve it. The thing about Will is that he is an absolute genius but never applied himself because he grew up very troubled. 

   He grew up in a foster home and was mentally and physically abused. Will ended up solving the equation on the board and then the math professor tracked him down and asked him how he did it. Shortly after this Will got arrested for assaulting a police officer, and the math professor bailed him out if Will agreed to work with him and see a therapist. The therapist in the movie was played by the one and only Robin Williams. Robin Williams’ character was a widowed man due to his wife dying from cancer. In the movie Sean Maguire knew exactly how to deal with Will. He grew up in the same neighborhood that Will did so he had similar traumas as him. It took Will a long time to warm up to Sean because he hated the idea of a therapist.

   Eventually, Sean had a breakthrough with him and they became really close. For fun Will would go drink with his 3 buddies that would take a bullet for him. One night out he met this girl named Skylar. Skylar was everything Will wanted in a girl and he always enjoyed his time with her. She asked Will to move to California with her and he freaked out because of his past traumas, so he told her that they were done. One day for Will’s birthday his buddies bought him a car and he knew that he would leave his crappy life to go find her in California. He left on good terms with his therapist, his buddies, and the math professor who all helped him out of the hole he got himself into. 

   Whatever I tell you about this movie will never do it justice. This is one of those movies that will absolutely change your life if you let it. It has so many heartfelt moments that will hit you right in the heart. With the amazing cast that includes Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Robin Williams. This movie is the reason that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck even made it in the industry. It has won many awards and once you watch it you will know exactly why. In my opinion this is Robins and Matts best work and will forever be on my top 10 list. So grab your friends or your significant other and sit down and let this masterpiece of a movie change your life with the messages it has throughout the whole thing.

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