June 18, 2024

Price Institute concludes school year with Closing Social

On Apr. 15, the Utah State University Eastern Latter-day Saint Student Association (USU Eastern LDSSA) and the Price Institute of Religion got together and held a giant, exciting closing social event to commemorate the end of the school year. To celebrate, both parties got together and held an enormous barbecue at the Fountain Field for everyone to enjoy, providing food such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, several types of salads, and even a few select desserts. Along with all the food that was provided, the Price Institute of Religion brought different activities to help those in attendance have some fun and de-stress with finals coming up. The different games ranged from cornhole to nine square, with the favorite being nine square. With all the friendly competition happening and over 100 different students from Utah State University Eastern showing up to socialize, the event was a tremendous success. It truly was a joyous opportunity to gather with a bunch of people to forget about all the stressors of life, such as finals and varying amounts of homework, for a few hours.

For anyone who might not know, the Price Institute of Religion provides numerous opportunities and courses for individuals to help strengthen their faith and come closer to Jesus Christ. These courses are free of charge, and courses are taught at various times throughout the day, so you can build around your college schedule and see what works best for you. The times for these classes range between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., between Monday and Friday, so there is a class for anyone who might be interested in taking one. The Price Institute of Religion provides lunches one to two times a month during the school year, so there are plenty of reasons to come stop by the Institute building. For those staying for the summer, there are summer courses also offered weekly, giving people a chance to interact with others in the summer.

This is not the first time the USU Eastern LDSSA and Price Institute of Religion have put on a social event such as this one. Both groups get together and plan social events like this at least twice a year: one at the beginning of the year – usually around September – and one at the end of the year, usually around April. If you would like to participate in this kind of event next year, keep an eye out for announcements as the event gets closer. If you are interested in participating in any Institute class, you can go to the Price Institute of Religion to pick up a registration paper or to learn more about what Institute can provide for your college experience. Again, all courses are completely free of charge and do not require mandatory attendance. The environment created by the socials that the LDSSA and Price Institute of Religion truly is an experience to be had, and most who go to these events claim that they had a wonderful time. From one student to another, I would highly recommend going to the next social event that the Price Institute of Religion and the LDSSA put on!

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