June 24, 2024

CEU newcomer follows in sisters’ footsteps

This archived article was written by: Jennifer Jarrett

One of the new faces lighting up the volleyball court for CEU is the smiling face of Jennifer Maestas, or Jen as her teammates and friends call her.
She came to CEU from Idaho Falls, Idaho where she played volleyball for Bonneville High School. Maestas started playing volleyball when she was younger and she and her family would all go out to play together.
She is the daughter or Bo and Rawna and comes from a family of four. She and two of her others sisters all played volleyball for school teams.
She found out about CEU when her older sister, Liz, came down to play for the school.
“My sister always told me great things about CEU and I really wanted to continue playing volleyball. After talking to Coach [Martindale] and getting a feel for everything I decided to accept and come down,” Maestas said.
Maestas played CEU’s outside hitter and has been playing that position since she was in the fourth grade.
“My favorite part of playing for CEU is the team. I love the girls that I play with and have so much fun with them. I don’t know what the season would have been like if we weren’t all such good friends. I think that because we were all friends it helped us out on the court too. On and off the court all the girls are very fun and understanding, they are all just like my sisters.”
Maestas said, “The most important thing that Coach [Martindale] has taught me so far this year would be to always stay positive and believe that we can do it. I think that next year we will be able to do very well. I am already looking forward to the spring tournaments and for what is coming up. I think we will do well.”
Next year, Maestas will be back at CEU playing for the Eagles. She is currently majoring in Psychology but isn’t sure where she will go after CEU or if she wants to continue playing volleyball or not.