January 24, 2021

Day: January 15, 2004

Jarrett and Olsen head SUN Center

CEU’s SUN Center started the new year with a new presidency. Jennifer Jarrett and Christine Olsen will share director responsibilities for the service organization. The SUN Center is a state-wide program allowing students to get involved in service for their community and school while meeting and making friends along the way.
Jarrett is from Cache Valley where she attended Sky View High School. Her favorite activities in high school included being a member of student government, the tennis team and Key (Service) Club.

Construction students build duplex for Housing Authority

Carbon County Housing Authority is using the talent of the College of Eastern Utah’s 22 high school and 8 college students to construct an apartment duplex at 300 north and 400 East in Price. The students are part of Lewis Stilson’s building construction program which began work on the complex fall semester.
“We have an agreement with Carbon County Housing Authority and they furnished the building lot, financed the construction loan and will take it when it’s done,” Stilson said.

Fleck named division dean over CEU’s Professional and Applied Technology Division

The responsibilities as the dean of professional and applied technology have been passed from Donna Cartwright to Michelle Fleck. As of spring semester 2004, Dr. Michelle Fleck will be the new dean.
As the dean of Professional and Applied Technology, Fleck is responsible for all the classes in the division. She will handle all the scheduling and keep track of all the budgets. Fleck is currently teaching six credits compared to the 15 she usually teaches.

Gallery East hosts traveling print exhibit

College of Eastern Utah’s Gallery East begins the new semester with a traveling print exhibit furnished by the Southern Graphics Council.The exhibit will run from January 9 through 26.
Gallery East Director, Brent Haddock was “surprised at how many artists are combining multiple techniques in their printmaking … I’m surprised at how colorful the pieces are; usually they’re black and white.”
Lloyd Menard, exhibit juror, describes the variation of the prints in the exhibit’s brochure. “There were 13 intaglios, 5 reliefs, and 2 lithographs; the remaining 19 pieces were mixed media.

If fur is murder, then surely artistic license is … also very wrong

Remember the comics we read as children? Do you recall how the superhero would catch the villain and always save the day? Did you read the one where your mommy kills animals? Probably not.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has published and distributed such a comic. Children across the country who were escorted by parents in fur, received a pamphlet entitled “Your Mommy Kills Animals!”

Trusted computing: the worst idea in the world … , ever!

A consortium of big-name technology companies have banded together in an effort to improve information security. The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has stated that its goals are preventing against software attack, ending identity theft and protecting computer owners from physical theft.
While this new technology promises big things to consumers and companies both, it also lends itself to abuse by the very institutions meant to protect users. Depending on who you are, and how you use the computer, Trusted Computing (TC) will be more of a burden than a boon.