June 24, 2024

Blast from the past

This archived article was written by: Shawn Sackett

This information came from Carbon College/College of Eastern Utah newspapers from throughout the history of the college. The newspaper is available on microfish in CEU’s library.

THE CARBONICLE – January 1954
Slumber Party Attracts Carbon Co-eds
Highlighting the weekend for a number of Carbon girls was a slumber party held last Friday night at the home of Patty Dunn, in Spring Glen.
Piano playing, games, records, the radio and a 2 a.m. dinner were features of the entertainment.Present were Gayle Rowley, Pat Robinson, Patty Dunn, Joyce Judd, Patsy Tamllos and Marilyn Fulton.

GOLDEN EAGLE – January 1965
Name Change Is Now Official
The first bill to pass the 1965 session of the Utah Legislature and to the governor for his signature was one officially changing the name of Carbon College to College of Eastern Utah.
January 1974
College Tuition Increase Protection
Article by Pres. Dean M. McDonald
Last Dec. 19, the State Board of Higher Education discussed the possibility of increasing the tuition of the colleges and universities in Utah. If the legislature does not allow enough money for Gov. Calvin L. Rampton’s budget for next year, all the tuitions throughout the state will raise.
This increase would be approximately $5 per quarter for resident students and $50 per quarter for nonresident students. In other colleges and universities the increase would be approximately $10 per quarter for resident and $60 per quarter for non-resident students.Today each student pays 20 percent of the cost of his education. This projected increase would bring this percentage up to 23 percent.

The Eagle – January 1981
Surcharge for spring
A $1 per credit hour surcharge will be assessed to CEU student tuition spring quarter, 1981. The surcharge was introduced by the U of U, stated Pres. James Randolph, in hopes of offsetting the 1% fund cut imposed by the legislature on all Utah institutions of higher education.
January 1982
Bookstore notice
Everyone upon entering the bookstore must leave their books, bags, etc., on the rack at the entrance of the store. Any merchandise carried into the bookstore from the outside, will automatically become bookstore property!
January 1983
Students get off your rears and show your pride and spirit
Article by Connie Spanton
It has come to my attention that CEU is missing a vital part so desperately needed for a school to survive in this miserable world today.
What is this missing part? This is the question that is probably pounding in your mind right now. Well, let me tell you this, if you haven’t figured it out already you’re probably one of the ones holding back this vital part. Are you just dying to know what this vital part is? It’s school spirit and pride. Something I believe that CEU students have very little of. First let me say that I, too, fall short in the category of school spirit many times.
When was the last time you supported an Eagles men’s or women’s basketball game. Now, I don’t just mean who went to the game, I want to know how many of you cheered.
I attended the CEU and Snow game a couple of weeks ago and our support for our team was disgusting. Snow College had just as many or more students as we did and it was our home game. To make it even worse, Snow cheered twice as loud and twice as much as we did. Hey, I know we were getting creamed but does this mean we should sit down and pout just because things aren’t going our way?
Now, we complain because the student body officers don’t plan enough activities but when they do, who goes to them? Maybe 50 students and those 50 are the same ones that support activities all the time. Personally, I’d like to dance with some different guys every time, not the same ones continually.
Don’t applaud yourselves student government. Maybe if you got organized and publicized your activities better you would get a better turn out.
How many times have you waited until the last moment and haven’t told the students what’s going on until the day before or the day of the activity. How do you expect the students to support our school if you don’t let us know what’s going on so we can make plans ahead of time.
Another thing, ASCEU officers, how is your spirit and pride? You’re the leaders so lead us. Oh, you’ve been trying. Try even harder and show us you have spirit. When the meeting on the delivery of mail to the Townhouse was held, not one single student government officer was present and three of them live at Townhouse.
I challenge every student at CEU and myself to get off our rears and show our pride and spirit. Maybe if we had pride and spirit, our stay at CEU wouldn’t be so blah.
January 1985
Scholarship fund set up for survivors of Wilberg mining tragedy
An endowed CEU scholarship fund has been established by the Price Elks No. 1550 for the children and wives of the miners who lost their lives in the recent Wilberg Mine disaster.
According to Ray Beckett, CEU director of development, the Price Elks has embarked on a fund raising program that will have state, regional and national significance in obtaining funds for the endowed scholarship program.
Beckett added that a number of businesses, organizations and individuals have pledged anywhere between $100 to $2,500 with approximately $20,000 in commitments having been identified so far.
He said that approximately 57 children ranging in age from two months to 12 years could participate in the program as well as 26 mothers who could elect to pursue a college education at CEU..
January 1988
Football axed by CEU Senate
Fall quarter weekends at the College of Eastern Utah will once again remain silent as intercollegiate football was dropped for the second time in the school’s history by the CEU Senate on Jan. 11. They unanimously agreed that the football program should be dropped unless significant new resources could be added to the current budgets to improve the program.
January 1991
Operation Desert Storm hits homefront
Article by Stephanie Bogdin
Goodbyes were said and tears were shed as members of the Utah National Guard 1457th Engineer Battalion departed Price for Fort Lewis in Washington, Mon., Jan. 28. Fourteen students from the College of Eastern Utah were among those activated to support Operation Desert Storm.
January 1992
What is the price of a rare dinosaur?
Article by Tom Martin
The protection of rare natural and cultural resources and the education of the state’s youth are highly valued by most people, however the excavation of two dinosaur fossils by CEU’s Prehistoric Museum has sparked a controversy bringing these ideals into direct conflict.
On state lands, CEU’s Museum director, Don Burge, has unearthed two whole dinosaur specimens that represent a species not previously known to exist. “There are 500 different species of dinosaurs in the world,” Burge said, “and we stumbled on two new ones just north of Moab. That’s significant.”
January 1994
Dropping CEU’s Football Program was questionable in ensuring success of competitive athletic teams
Article by Jaren Holder
The decision of CEU administrators to drop the football program eight years ago has been largely debated ever since. It was again brought up when Weber State University’s president decided that its program was costing the school too much money and should be dropped or additional outside contributions must be sought after, to the tune of $500,000.
January 1995
CEU awards 859 scholarships in 94-95
Article by Dani Weigand
Twenty three percent of the students attending the College of Eastern Utah were awarded scholarships for the 1994-95 school year. Out of the 907 people who applied for scholarships this year, 859 were awarded scholarships. Due to the increase of scholarship applications, CEU has moved to a more systematic distribution of $500-$600 thousand awarded annually for scholarships.
January 1997
CEU’s tuition is lowest in Utah HE
Article by Becca Thornton
The Utah Council of Student Body Presidents in connection with the Utah State Board of Regents is working to begin a special initiative which addresses important issues dealing with higher education.
The proposed initiative will go into effect for 1997-98 school year, causing a tuition increase at the U of U and USU. This increase will provide an excess of $1.6 million.
As for CEU, this initiative will result in lower tuition rates. This tuition decrease will place CEU in line with Snow College and decreasing the gap between national and state tuition averages.
January 1998
What’s up with the SAC
Article by Barry Maxfield
The new student activity center is starting to take shape as a building, with the roof nearing completion and windows installed on the exterior. It appears that the building is on track for completion this summer.
January 1999
CEU debate ranked 1st in nation
Article by James Devore
CEU’s forensic team finished with a first-place ranking in the nation for debate. This semester the squad continues its domination at their recent tournaments.
January 2001
New CEU classroom building tops governor’s six-campus building proposal
Article by Mindy Mair
After 63 years, College of Eastern Utah’s G.J. Reeves Main Building built on campus, has reached the age of retirement. The Main Building, as it has come to be known, has served CEU well but it is time to say goodbye as administrators turn to the 2001 state legislature to request funding for a new building.