May 18, 2024

Business club uses the principles of economics to garner needed revenue to attend state and national conferences


This archived article was written by: Donald McCarty

Fall semester 2003 was full of activities and entertainment hosted by ASCEU and its many clubs. However, some of the biggest and loudest activities were sponsored by CEU’s business club.
The club consists of two chapters: Delta Epsilon Chi (DEX) and Phi Beta Lambda (PBL). They have 15 active members and currently are recruiting for their upcoming state and national competitions.
The business club-sponsored activities started with the Date Auction service project where students offered to have themselves auctioned for canned food or cash to be donated to the local food bank. A total of 137 pounds of food was donated.
“I think the business club has done an awesome job this year. We have had a lot of activities and think that CEU’s business club is coming out of the wood works and making things happen,” says Gypsie Delgado, vice president of CEU DEX.
The business club competes in four competitions each year. The PBL chapter has placed in the top ten every year they have competed. “DEX has done very well in previous state and national competitions and plan on another great year,” says Megan McKay president of the CEU DEX Chapter.
To fund these competitions that show the nation that small colleges can pack a huge punch, fundraisers were held. The first of these was Loserpalooza with four bands and all the publicity one could ask for.
The fundraiser went well and the club was ready to take on the next one. “I’m pleased with last semesters activities and the student body’s participation and support,” said Shanelle Howa, president of CEU PBL Chapter, Howa organized Beat the Pro with Ed Howa at Gateway Lanes in Helper. A large number of students turned out for the $5 all you can bowl night.
With the success of Loserpalooza, the club decided to try another concert dubbed “Concert Time” Erik Falor, chairman of the business club and organizer of the concerts stated. “I thought the concerts were brilliant.
They were as much fun to host as they were for the students who attended. I’m looking forward to more and louder concerts.”
With the success of the two previous endeavors in the music scene, the club is already planning to host two or three more shows this semester, and is planning a concert for the CEU Big Bash at the end of the year. “We are involving the club more in community and campus life.
We are putting on a variety of activities this semester, so make sure to get out to all of them,” stated Rebecca Coster state vice president of DEX and vice president of inter club counsel for ASCEU.
The club is planning Beat the Pro 2 and the return of the Date Auction and more are always on the drawing board.
To join the Business Club or find out more information contact: Megan at Ext. 4679, Rebecca at Ext. 5404, Erik at [email protected] or Donald at 650-4864 or [email protected].