May 30, 2024

After eight years of service, Cartwright steps down as dean

This archived article was written by: Carli Jensen

An eight-year member of CEU’s administration left on sabbatical leave spring semester 2004. Donna Cartwright served as the dean of PATE, (professional and applied technology education) and will return as a nursing instructor fall semester 2004.
Her favorite part of being a dean has been working with the different types of people. There is a lot diversity among the applied technology students and faculty and she says she enjoyed working with them. Teaching and learning are things that she loves.
Some of her responsibilities as dean have been overseeing the divisions and working as the ATE director. She works to get federal, and state ATE grants. She writes the grants and fills out the paperwork needed.
Getting more non-traditional students like females taking welding and males taking nursing are some of the changes she has been trying to develop.
When she returns in the fall, Cartwright will teach pharmacology in the nursing department. She also plans to develop an applied ethnic course during her leave and teach it the following spring.
While on sabbatical, she will continue to attend USU working towards her Ed.D. She hopes additional education will improve her nursing skills.
Cartwright has a master’s degree of science in nursing from BYU. She also has an APRN license with a focus on adults.
She said that she will miss the people she works with and when she returns, won’t work with the faculty and staff as much. That she will miss.
Cartwright is from Kenilworth, Utah. She has three children who attended CEU and four grandchildren.