July 20, 2024

Tech savvy club comes to CEU

This archived article was written by: Donald L. McCarty III

Many clubs and organizations are on campus, but none so tech savvy as the superusers computer geek club.
The club, founded this semester by Erik Falor and Phil Christensen, is for anyone that has the desire to learn more about computers, software and hardware.
It is organizing a service project that entails collecting used computers from the school and community, refurbishing them and donating them to families and students that otherwise couldn’t afford a computer.
This group of techies is committed to the spread of honest programs that are designed for stability and functionality, not the quickest buck.
The group have all been exposed to the popular Microsoft Windows operating system and according to Erik Falor, “Windows just isn’t that great”. Always plagued with the feared “blue screen of death” and the constant bombardment of viruses from the Internet, club members often wonder why anyone still uses Windows.
They are dedicated to spreading the awareness of open source operating systems such as Linux and UNIX. Out of 46 million websites surveyed, 67 percent used open source while only 21 percent used Microsoft.
Linux is also the most widely used open source OS in the home and has been slowly sneaking up on Microsoft for over 10 years.
The club hopes to spread the word to many people this year.
For information on joining the club or to donate to their service project contact Falor at [email protected].