May 11, 2021

Lady Eagles fight to keep ranking CEU Women’s team beats All-Stars, loses twice to CSI

This archived article was written by: Sam McGinnis

It seems as if last weekend didn’t do much justice for the Lady Eagles basketball team against the College of Southern Idaho.
They lost both games on Friday and Saturday. The following weekend was scheduled as a bye, but Coach Paur and the team wanted to play, so Paur scheduled an All-Star game at CEU, which turned out successful for the team, still maintaining their number two ranking.
When the Lady Eagles traveled to CSI, they came up against the number one ranked team in the region, and wanted to crush them in order to claim CSI’s ranking, but their plans were taken down after Friday.
The Lady Eagles only shot at 28 percent, which is exceptionally low for them. CSI took the Lady Eagles 69-48. This loss made the team hungry for a win on Saturday.
Cassie Warburton was the only player on the team to reach double figures with 21 points. She played the strongest on the team during this game, but with only one person scoring in double figures, there is no way that the team could have reached over 28 percent.
Coming into Saturday, it seemed as if CEU wanted to take this game and come home with at least one game under their belts.
During the first half, the women played hard and were leading the game going into the second half, but they went under and lost in the second.
Two factors explaining why the Lady Eagles lost were that they were only shooting at 35 percent, and 5 for 17 from the free throw line. They lost 70-63.
It seemed as if the two Chelseys on the team were the only two players that were able to reach double figures during this game. Warburton led with 15 and Jackson followed closely with 11.
Since CSI won both games, they remained number one and CEU is still at a close second.
After returning home, the Lady Eagles were scheduled to have a bye last weekend, but Coach Paur and the women decided otherwise.
They wanted to keep playing so that they could be warmed up and ready to play in the region tournament. Coach Paur arranged for CEU to compete against an All-Star team, with players ranging from SLCC to Westminster College.
Because the Lady Eagles lost two games against CSI, the women wanted to smash the All-Star team off the court. The Lady Eagles played wonderfully, winning 81-58. This game was crucial for the Lady Eagles to win, because even though it was an exhibition game, it still counted on the women’s record as a win or a loss.
The Warburton sisters shone brightly during this game. Chelsey led in points scoring 21, and Cassie trailed with 15. This game was great practice for the region tournament.
This weekend the Lady Eagles will play SLCC. They will have to win to keep their ranking, but, if they don’t, they will have to play SLCC at the region tournament. So, either way they will be playing SLCC three more times before the season is over.
Next weekend they will be traveling back up to Southern Idaho for the region tournament.
“We will have a great chance to win the tournament if we can reach the final game,” commented Paur.

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