May 11, 2021

Women’s team ranked number two in SWAC

This archived article was written by: Sam McGinnis

It seems as if the season is coming down to the wire with the College Of Eastern Utah Women’s basketball team. Currently ranked second in region play, they are trailing the College of Southern Idaho. It will come down to the final few games of league play to determine the number one team.
The women are 16-4 in league play, thanks in part to the two back-to-back wins against Colorado Northwestern Community College last weekend in Price. The Lady Eagles played on top of their game, shooting over 40 percent during both games.
On Friday, the Lady Eagles hit the court hard, and played to win. From start to finish, the women worked as hard as they could to get every shot, every block possible, and every defensive and offensive strategy they were taught. They managed to shoot at 42 percent, and after shooting at such a good average they ended the games, 89-69.
Cassie Warburton, like usual, led the points with 20. Janell Casey followed with 15 points and Chelsey Warburton with 14. Arnoldus, Norris, and Jackson also had high points. With such an even amount of scoring throughout the team, it shows why they shot at 42 percent.
Saturday was also a successful day for the lady Eagles. They pulled off their second win against Colorado, 79-65. The women shot at 40 percent, and played long and hard just like they did on Friday.
Cassie again led in points scoring 17, and sister Chelsey followed her with 15. Casey scored 11, and Arnoldus shot 9. These four women were a main factor as to why in they were able to pull off their back-to-back wins against Colorado.
Next, they will play number one ranked Southern Idaho at Twin Falls this weekend. In order to take the number one position from Southern Idaho, they will have to take both games. Coach Dave Paur thinks, like always, that if they can shoot over 40 percent, they will be able to pull off the win.
Depending on who wins, both teams still need to play against SLCC twice, and win, in order to stay at the top. There is so much riding on these few last games of the season.

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