May 24, 2024

Storytime is fun with Westling

This archived article was written by: Kim Clegg

Elizabeth Westling, from Payson, came to the College of Eastern Utah to be part of its friendly atmosphere. She is a sophomore and her intended major is biochemistry.
Westling found the SUN Center and wanted to become a part of it, finding creative ways to serve and give others the same opportunities she has had.
Westling is an optimistic and energetic leader. This has become an advantage to those she works with. Service has brought her joy and happiness. In return, she would like to pass that on by bringing joy to others who have brought joy to her.
Wrestling’s lively, caring nature has been beneficial among her project. This semester she has chosen to be over storytime. For storytime, she travels to various elementary school classes and acts out a story for the children.
Other volunteers pretend to be characters or animals in the story. It helps the children to understand the storyline and have the book come alive right in front of them.
On top of storytime, she also works with the Family Support and Children’s Justice Center. Anytime the center needs help, she is there to offer her time and is willing to find others to do the same.
Westling loves getting people involved and likes to provide others with the opportunity to serve. Some people have the desire to serve, but do not know how to get involved. She makes it possible for them to feel the same charisma she holds.
What keeps her motivated? She says it is the people she serves and the blessings she receives when serving. The motivation she gains is passed to others through her traits. She has a way of making people feel her concern and care for them, which serves as motivation.
She has come to know that if you take time to serve others, your stressful life will be calmed, and you will be happier and more productive. Her favorite quote is by Emerson, “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” She has strived to do so within her project and within her own life.
Kathy Murray, SUN Center director, says of Westling, “I really appreciate Liz. This year she has had to do double duty: being the leader of FJCS and over our new projects which didn’t get off the ground last year.
“She has helped storytime to really take off and be successful. Liz is a trooper and has developed the storyteller program and been ready and willing to help with the Family Support and Children’s Justice Center. So, yay for Liz, she’s a double hitter.”