June 22, 2021

SSS advising students

Student Support Services (SSS) advisors assist program participants throughout their educational experience at CEU by helping them understand themselves, explore their options, and the resources available to them both on campus and in the community.
They assist students in identifying and pursuing their academic goals. The advisors familiarize students with degree options and requirements, then help students select appropriate courses and develop degree plans to achieve those goals.
One of the major goals of SSS is to help prepare students for transfer to a university. The advisors help students select classes to take at CEU that will transfer to the university and program of their choice. Through careful planning, students can meet application deadlines and take the necessary prerequisite classes at CEU. This makes for a smooth transition from CEU to their university of choice and helps them meet their graduation goals on time, said director Tracie Noyes. If you are interested in receiving assistance with advising, come in to SSS (located in 225 JLSC) and apply for the program.

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