June 22, 2021

Wealth of experience brought to department

Kyle Larsen, College of Eastern Utah’s newest member of the engineering department, brings many years of experience in the engineering field.

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This archived article was written by: Lindsey Sweat

Kyle Larsen, College of Eastern Utah’s newest member of the engineering department, brings many years of experience in the engineering field.
“I have worked at several places in the field of engineering. I worked at a nuclear power plant, at an aerospace company building missiles and testing rocket engines, at the California Highway Patrol as an automotive equipment engineer, and worked in the heating and air-conditioning industry. Additionally, I have taught statistics and algebra for over ten years at the University of Phoenix. I have also taught engineering classes at Brigham Young University.”
Larsen tells of his past saying, “I was born in Berkeley, Calif., and shortly thereafter my family moved to Sacramento where I spent most of my growing up years. I am the oldest of six children, which consist of three girls and three boys.
“In school, my favorite subjects were math, science and P.E. As a child and also through my adult years, I have always had a curious nature. I want to know how and why things work the way they do. I am married and have five children, three boys and two girls. I enjoy doing many things with my family.”
One of my most unique experiences was the birth of my first daughter Tatianna. We were en route to the hospital when my wife felt it was time for the baby to come. I ended up delivering my daughter by myself on someone’s lawn at around midnight. All during the delivery my son Skyler, who was 2 ½ years old at the time, was screaming in his car seat in the backseat of our truck! It was a little frightening at the time, but makes for a good story.
Vacations for Larsen include just about anywhere. “However, my favorite types of vacations are ones where I can explore and discover different things. A trip to Mexico was one of my favorite trips. While there, I explored several of the Mayan Indian ruins along the jungle and on the Mexican Caribbean coast. In addition to exploring the ruins, I enjoyed snorkeling in the beautiful crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and enjoyed seeing the turtles and colorful fish.”
Other than vacations, Larsen also enjoys, “camping, hunting, fishing, hiking and biking. Although the last number of years my main hobby has been going to school.” Larsen then describes his past schooling experience by stating, “I graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from California State University at Sacramento and just finished my doctorate degree this past August in mechanical engineering at BYU.”
Larsen explains his decision to work at CEU, “I chose to work at CEU for an opportunity to teach at a smaller school and to teach a variety of engineering subjects. Teaching brings me satisfaction and joy when I am successful in helping students learn. I enjoy the opportunity to learn along with the students.” Larsen’s job responsibilities include, “both teaching and recruiting in the engineering program at CEU.”
He reflects upon the past semester. “What I have enjoyed the most about CEU is the close interaction with students and other faculty and staff.” His plans include “increasing the enrollment in engineering and working with others at CEU to build up the engineering program.”

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