June 3, 2020

Month: September 2009

Rights to Range Creek being traded to U of U

Utah is transferring control of Range Creek to the University of Utah, a decision that left the College of Eastern Utah Museum personnel how they will fit into the research of the remote canyon.
To obtain rights to Range Creek, the U of U will trade four-square miles of trust land to Utah State Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR).

Will it be the Eagles or Aggies?

The question on many College of Eastern Utah student’s minds these days, “what are we going to be next year?” And the problem is when you ask the CEU staff, they tell you the same thing. So who will we be? After attending a meeting on Sept. 17, with the administrative issue and student services representatives, students were told by Brandon Keller, controller, that most of the questions were still up in the air.

The NBA season begins

The NBA offseason is drawing to an end. This offseason has seen Shaquille O’Neil switch teams once again, the draft has come and gone, Blake Griffin was selected first by the Los Angeles Clippers, and one of the most exciting players I’ve seen in recent memory, has decided not to play in the NBA next year, but continue playing in Europe. With these changes, I’d like to talk about some of the big stories from this NBA offseason.

Eagles strike gold in California

Head Coach Brent Martindale described the last two weeks for the College of Eastern Utah volleyball team as “an emotional rollercoaster.” The team went from the lows of losing to the Utah County All-Stars, to the high of winning the Santa Ana Invitational.

Everything you eat will likely kill you

“The food industry is screwing us with our minds” exclaimed Jon Krum in a presentation on nutrition Wednesday.
Jon Krum, an instructor of biology on campus, stated that his interest in nutrition started when he was young. His father forced him to shovel the sidewalks for older people. After seeing a lot of unhealthy people, he became interested in nutrition and it’s affects on health.

Price native/Alumnus Richard Menzies displays work in Gallery East

Price native Richard Menzies remembers clearly the day his life changed forever over half a century ago.
“Actually it was nighttime. Eddie Conover and I had just emerged from the Price Theater. Next door to the movie house was Barney’s Photo Shop, and in the window of the shop was a Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Outfit. Also on display was a sign: easy terms. The following day I peddled my bike downtown and asked the proprietor, Barney DiVietti, if he would give me easy terms on that $10 Kodak.

Transylvania student’s multi-talented background

Claudiu Bora – to everyone on campus is just the regular foreign student from Transylvania, but how many of you really know his story?
Bora first came to the states on an mission for the Church of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and served in Provo, Utah. Shortly, after returning home from his two-year mission, he came back to the states to gain an education. He is the only member of his family with a high school diploma.

“Room Service” opens tonight

Eastern Utah Theatre opens its 2009-2010 season this weekend with John Murray and Alan Boritz’s hilarious farce “Room Service” at 7:30 p.m. in the Geary Theatre.
According to its director, Corey Ewan, Ph.D., “This is the second time this play has appeared on the Geary Theatre stage. The first production was under the direction of Lee Johnson and featured an up and coming young actor named Corey Ewan. It is fitting that nearly 30 years later, Dr. Corey Ewan is retracing his steps with this current production.”

The sanctity of marriage

This November, the citizens of Maine (affectionately known as “Maine-iacs”) will go to the polls to vote to uphold or veto their new gay marriage bill. If the experience of Proposition 8 in California is any indication than it will be a hard and emotional fight, both for those who support the bill and those who oppose it. But what is traditional marriage and does it mean what we think it does?

Useless information or a way of life

Ice cream headaches to the origin of the name for the purple gem amethyst, there is common knowledge everywhere, it is taught in our schools, and is even in our brains (which my family calls useless information). Common knowledge is defined as: “the wide body of information that a person acquires from education and from life; not all of it has practical use.” I have accumulated only a fraction of my useless knowledge into this article for entertainment purposes and to test your knowledge, for another definition of common knowledge is, “anything generally known to everyone.”

Precautions against H1N1

Through friends, family, teachers, health professionals and religious leaders, most people on campus has been urged to take steps to insure their personal health and reduce the spread of the H1N1 flu. One case of the flu has been confirmed on campus said Brad King, vice president of institutional advancement, but even with all this information, are students and faculty taking the necessary precautions?
H1N1 is a concern for many colleges because schools like Washington State University canceled classes due to 2,500 suspected cases of the H1N1 flu strain.

Full funding for New Century Scholarship

William Sederburg, commissioner of higher education expressed appreciation to Gov. Herbert and legislative leaders in their commitment to restore full funding to the New Century Scholarship.
“I appreciate the responsiveness and support Gov. Herbert and legislators on both sides of the aisle have provided in responding quickly to constituents and recognizing the critical nature of this issue,” he remarked. “Scholarship recipients will start the school year knowing the state is holding true to its commitment to this scholarship program.”