April 12, 2021

Day: December 1, 2009

Student leaves CEU with a challenge

Dear editor,
  Well, it’s done, I have left CEU for good, my pals, it’s sad (for some anyway), but I have left someone else to deal with Dan Allen and his crazy ways of improving life for students remaining at CEU.

Candidates sought for Val Halamandaris Award

The 2005 Caring Award is presented to a College of Eastern Utah student in honor of Val J. Halaman-daris, who grew up in Price, attended the College of Eastern Utah (then Carbon College), and continued his education and professional career in Washington, D.C.

Students express concerns on quality of student life

Gypsie Delgado
staff writer
[email protected]
Students, faculty and staff spent three hours on Wednesday, March 9 discussing their perception of campus issues. President Ryan Thomas said this was the most attended meeting between students and staff that he has ever seen, even when he was at UVSC. “I used to offer free pizza and could not get this many students to attend a meeting like this.”

Catch a glimpse into the past at the new museum exhibit

College of Eastern Utah’s Prehistoric Museum’s newest exhibit features the Pectol-Lee Collection of artifacts found during the first decades of the 20th century in the area of Capitol Reef National Monument. The exhibit is on loan to the museum for the next three years and will be displayed in the Hall of Archaeology.
The exhibit’s open house is February 24th at 7 p.m. at the museum with Neal Busk, a grandson of E.P. Pectol, giving a short presentation on the history of the collection and some of the problems associated with possessing a collection such as this one.

EU Wind Symphony joins with CHS Band for combined concert

College of Eastern Utah will
join musical forces with the
Carbon School District to present a combined concert by the Carbon High School Symphonic Band and Eastern Utah Wind Symphony on Thursday, February 17, at 7:30 p.m. in the CEU Geary Theatre. The program will feature separate performances by each group and a grand concert finale in which all of the musicians–high school, college, and community–will perform as a massed band.

Major league baseball’s conduct in steroid scandal is a disgrace, deeply flawed & innately corrupt

Dan K. Thomasson
Scripps Howard News Service
WASHINGTON – Congress needs to decide right now whether Major League Baseball and its players union are bigger than it is; whether involvement in the mythical national pastime gives a group of wealthy capitalists and the relatively small number of men they employ the right to defy the legislature’s constitutional authority; whether hitting a horsehide sphere with a wooden bat makes a person more important than one who has been duly elected to draft, debate and adopt the laws of the land.
It is just that simple.

The Cripple of Inishmaan opens

Martin McDonagh’s “The Cripple of Inishmaan,” a play set on a remote island off the West coast of Ireland in 1934, opens the weekend of February 3-8 (black Sunday) at the College of Eastern Utah’s Geary Theatre.

Scabies outbreak sends two students to hospital

College students taking road trips is not unusual. College students taking road trips to Denver to see the Utah Jazz take on the Denver Nuggets is not that unusual. College students being on limited budgets and staying in cheap hotels is still not that unusual. However, college students taking a road trip to see the Jazz play the Nuggets in Denver, staying overnight in a cheap hotel, and bringing home scabies is not what two College of Eastern Utah sophomores planned.

Preliminary legislative report leaves president hopeful

Heather Myers
news editor
[email protected]
This semester President Ryan
Thomas held his first all-cam
pus meeting with a preliminary report on the Utah legislature. On February 15, faculty, staff and a few students gathered in the JLSC multipurpose room to hear what was happening on the hill. The meeting was also broadcast via the ED-NET system to the San Juan campus. Thomas stressed that all the numbers are preliminary and subject to change in the next two weeks the legislature is in session.

Utah’s Christmas town features parade & fireworks

CEU students, staff and faculty are invited to join the festivities taking place this weekend during the 15th Annual Helper Light Parade. Designated “Utah’s Christmas Town” by former Gov. Mike Leavitt, Helper hosts many holiday activities that are fun and most of which are free. Just the right stress relief as you get ready for finals week. The Light Parade has become a tradition for many with hundreds attending from throughout Utah each night.
Friday, December 3
• 1st Annual Children’s Christmas Parade, 4 p.m., begins at Main Street Park (by Helper Post Office), free.

Say What?

Les Bowen
managing editor
[email protected]
Left alone
Both of the Harmon brothers who have written this article with me in the past are attending other institutions. So I am finally left alone to write.
Phone policies are a result of lack of forethought
Forget the fact that I’ve been around this college long enough to know this, but here’s the story of why no one living on campus has a phone in their bedroom, despite the fact that there’s wiring for everyone to have their own.

Studies say eat “veg” for real lifetime health benefits

Chari Jelsma
layout editor
[email protected]
Do you want to be healthy all through life? Do you want to help the environment on a daily basis? Becoming a vegetarian is a delicious and satisfying way to accomplish this and so much more.
A balanced vegetarian diet is not only healthy, but eating a vegetarian diet has real health benefits. Scientific studies show that diets high in animal foods may contribute to the early development of disease.