April 12, 2021

Day: December 2, 2009

Our noisy, noisy world

Robert Whitcomb
The Providence Journal
It’s apparently just too stressful for most people now to tolerate quiet.
That might help explain the growing and barbaric practice of installing televisions and other electronic noisemakers wherever people are trapped waiting for a service. (“Hey, turn it up, will you!” Or, “Somebody check out the Weather Channel!”) You are not permitted out of the sight of a cathode ray tube or an electronic music spreader these days.

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday at Geary Theatre

“To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday” is College of Eastern Utah’s final theatre production of the year, running April 7-12 with no Sunday performance. Using theatre in the round, the show takes place on the stage of the Geary Theatre with the audience seated surrounding the actors, which offers a more intimate view of the play.
Written by Michael Brady, the play tells a poignant story of a man trying to come to terms with the death of his wife.

Volunteer Spotlight

Christine Olsen
staff writer
[email protected]
Justin Burk is a sophomore from Mt. Vernon, Illinois. After graduating from Mt. Vernon Township High School he moved to Price, Utah with his family. He has one older brother and a twin brother, Jason, who is also attending CEU. Burk is majoring in international studies and hopes to one day work in public administration.

Wear orange in support of Self Injury Awareness Day

Self Injury Awareness Day, or SIAD, is an international day for acknowledgement and education in an attempt to lessen stigma on a very serious health issue, and it is on March 1 every year.
In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that 2-3 million people harm themselves on purpose as a coping mechanism. However, a survey in Britain by the Samaritans discovered that as many as 1 in 10 people self injure, but are not generally suicidal.

Volleyball wraps up season

Josh Luke
staff writer
[email protected]
The CEU volleyball team wrapped up their season November 12 at the Region tournament in North Idaho. “The team played very tough,” said coach Brent Martindale, but they lost in three games to Snow, 30-23, 30-25 and 30-24.

Luke Hendrix, from Junior Jazz to Taking Back Sunday

It took a long road for this year’s basketball captain, Luke Hendrix, to finally get to play in his first game for CEU.
Upon completing a two-year mission in Detroit for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Hendrix came to Price.
He had only been home from his mission three weeks when it was time to get back into the world of school and ball.
Before his mission, he went to Rick’s College and played basketball for a year.
While he was away on his mission, Rick’s changed its name to BYU Idaho and dropped the athletic program.

Nine-Mile Canyon history explored

Allie Mangum
staff writer
[email protected]
A retired Brigham Young University professor of anthropology gave a presentation on his “New Dimensions in Rock Art Studies – Exploring Interpretation” book on Friday at the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum to 30 community people.
Sponsored by the Castle Country Regional Information Center and CEU Museum, 80-year-old Dr. Ray Matheny teamed with CEU’s Pam Miller, on co-writing a chapter in a book based on the rock art of Nine-Mile Canyon.

Those nasty freshman 15 pounds are the worst

Mel Spencer
staff writer
[email protected]
While incoming college freshmen have much to look forward to, in the back of their minds, many are worried about the rumored weight gain that sometimes haunts new college students. The “freshman 15” refers to the belief that college freshmen commonly gain 15 pounds during their first year of college.
Sarah Jorgenson said, “I was so scrawny in high school, but now I’ve gained at least 15 pounds. I have pudge for the first time in my life.”

Eagles out and runnin’ over the competition

Micah Iverson
sports editor
[email protected]
The preseason in any sport is a time to mesh and come together as a team. It is also a time for all to see playing time and to work out any quirks that are plaguing the team. The CEU men’s basketball team has fared well this preseason and now are ready for the task that lies ahead of them this season; taking on the competition in the all-to competitive Scenic West Athletic Conference.

Letter to the editor

Okay, while the title might seem like an oxymoron, it is possible to say “no” to a date without ever being asked; but, going back to my previous article, “Why in the good Hell would you ever want to!?” Throughout my dating experiences, I’ve come up with a few key ideas to help ladies with the pre-emptive no.

Video games promote violence?

Stuart Lake
viewpoints editor
[email protected]
A lot of questions are asked these days about video games and if they are getting to violent for the audience that they are introduced to. More and more games feature adult content and violent themes.
Many people are worried that the violence that are in video games will leak out of virtual reality and into our reality. These fears are unwarranted and without any evidence to back them up.