June 20, 2021

Month: December 2010

Boise State: Cinderella story or ugly step sister?

Boise has been considered the Cinderella story for the past 3 or 4 years, ever since they beat Oklahoma in 2007. People watch them and want them to win to prove that the little non-BCS team can keep up with the big boys.
This year wasn’t supposed to be any different. In the fact they were supposed to go undefeated. After a tough game against Virginia Tech where they pulled out the win, the rest of the season looked manageable. But there was a certain Wolfpack team that would not let the Broncos run free.

Women earn first win

With a tough preseason start, the College of Eastern Utah Lady Eagles finally found the right rhythm and put together 4-2 record.
The Eagles traveled to Northern Wyoming and Salt Lake before getting their first home game. Head Coach Dave Paur said, “We have lots of freshmen. It takes freshmen longer to adjust to competition. It takes them longer to find their tempo.” This year’s team is young and has five-experienced sophomores. Therefore, it is taking a little more time to find the right pace for the team.

Next on the tee: The difference between heroes and legends

Besides being a complete sports addict and, yes, I admit that with pride, I love watching movies. One of my favorite movies happens to be about nine young men and their quest to retrieve a baseball signed by Babe Ruth that got hit into a backyard that neighbors the sandlot. There is only one little hitch, the backyard that the ball is in happens to be the home of a monstrous “beast.” Because of the ferocity of this animal, the young men can’t just hop the fence and get it, but they must try elaborate schemes and ideas to retrieve the ball.

Men’s basketball team loses ranking in national poll

After the Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah men’s basketball team was ranked no. 8 in the Top 10 National Poll of Division 1, they suffered losses, removing them from the rankings. With a press-time record of 9-2 in preseason, the team faces some challenges when the regular season commences.

Maddi Hind: when life gives you lemons, make grape juice

In basketball there are five positions on the court. The point guard: the quarterback and the brains of the basketball court. The shooting guard: the person that no matter the pressure they can make points under any circumstance. The forward/guard, also known as the no. three position: this person is your gunner and needs to be quick. The power forward, your first post player: This person should be strong, a hard worker, have the ability to muscle people around, and shoot the J as well. Then there is the center: the last line of defense and the “big man” on the court.

Kinney ready to play basketball at EU spring semester

Basketball is about having the will and desire to perform and excel, you have to have skill and heart to play this game. For James Kinney II, this love of the game came at a very young age, and it came really easy for this soon to be star.
Originally from Champaign, Ill., Kinney was born on October 11, 1990. Besides his parents, he has two other siblings, an older sister and a younger brother.

Men keep soaring

After starting the season with a record of 6-0 and becoming ranked no. 8 in the nation the Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah men’s basketball team had a target on their back. Since that time the teams record has been 3-2, giving Coach Brad Barton said, “I am very happy with the guys that are playing. They’re working hard together, they are sharing the ball. We have five guys that average double figures.” The team through out the season has out scored their opponents 1,011 to 846 as of time of publication.

Messiah concert coming soon

The Price Civic Chorale and Orchestra, comprised of college and community musicians from Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah and the surrounding area, will join forces on Sunday, December 12 to perform selections from Handel’s Messiah. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. at Carbon High School, located at 750 East 400 North in Price. This will be the 62nd annual local presentation of one of history’s best-known and most-beloved musical works.

“All I want for Christmas is . . .”

Do you wish there was really a man in your life that would buy you everything you wanted? That would bring presents for you and leave them under your Christmas tree in exchange for cookies and milk? Some students at USU-CEU would like Santa to know what is at the top of their Christmas list.
Jenna Rudolph, Price, wants a laptop, treadmill or Sketchers shape-up shoes. Cynjon Longman, Lehi, wants a 22 revolver. Mallary Cottam, Duchesne, wants the Nook, boots, and a Mac laptop. Jake Cottam, Price, wants Dexter Coasters, Dracula or the Nook.

Instructor applies math to his life at young age and loves it

Peter Legner is the newest math instructor at USU-CEU. “When I was in the first grade, I wanted to compute batting averages, so I taught myself long division, and I’ve loved math since that day,” he said.
“My favorite thing about being a teacher is working with students.” Legner was a pastor of a church 20 years, but decided to change professions because it would give him the opportunity to continue to work with young people. Legner taught math at the University of Idaho before moving to Price.

Ears are fragile; handle with care or pay the price

Silence is what most people want at the end of the day; with all the noises at work, every retold joke by that not-so-funny friend, even the ticking of that useless classroom clock that has been wrong all year, more and more headphone users are getting closer and closer to experiencing it for themselves.

Self-esteem: Miss Utah’s topic of choice

Perseverance, confidence and benevolence: these three words describe how Miss Utah 2007 counseled students about the best ways to increase self-esteem on Dec. 02 in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center Alumni Room.
Sponsored by the Pretty In Pink student club, this “Follow Your Dreams” forum was put together to show USU-CEU students, particularly ladies, how to appreciate themselves and each other.

Instructor gains new position

Scott Henrie has been appointed as associate vice chancellor of liberal arts.
Henrie has worked at CEU since 1993, when he was employed as a part-time police officer. He continued in this position for six years before quitting in 1999. He was then asked by the head of the P.E. department to instruct a class teaching basic self defense, a class consisting mainly of women. This course taught women how to avoid situations that can put them into dangerous places. It was also used to teach them how to get out of dangerous situations. He taught these classes for three years.

Bread ‘n’ Soup Night brings in a record $5,000

Each year prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, the CEU SUN Center hosts an event called “Bread ‘n’ Soup Night.” This year’s project was met with much success. Hundreds attended the event, which was held on each of the first four Mondays in November.
Each week, participants enjoyed homemade soup and warm, fresh bread, as well as the peace of mind knowing that they purchased a meal that helped purchase food for others in need.