June 13, 2024

Shame on you USU Eastern

Dear editor,

This archived article was written by: Melissa Swenson

Dear editor,
As a person in education for the past 22 years, I must share my disappointment in the current nursing faculty and their lack of support for a student. Last year, by way of a suggestion from the Utah Board of Nursing, because the USU Eastern Nursing department is in danger of losing their license, the nursing department at USU Eastern changed their passing rate requirement from a C to a B-. This was done hastily and caught several students in the middle of their nursing degree by surprise. The group of students who had just completed their LPN and had applied into the RN (ADN) program were given some consideration in their application with the understanding that they would now be held to stricter standards in their ADN program.
At the end of fall semester my daughter was removed from the program because she was short 0.9%of the new B- requirement in ONE course Fall Semester. She had completed two summer courses and the other two fall semester courses at or above the B-. We are talking a mere 0.9%, less than 10 points in a 1000 point class, almost nothing, nada!!! The thing that frustrates me the most, and has surprised much of the community and those in education, is that the instructor of record for the course insists there was ‘nothing that can be done’ to make up the 0.9% and remain in the program. The administration denied her appeal, backing the instructor and in essence, agreeing that ‘nothing can be done’. As an EDUCATOR myself, I know that is NEVER the case. Where was the department advising that is mentioned available in the Nursing Handbook? Who is afraid of who? This little community college has lost its perspective, strike two!! (Strike one was the head hunt performed in the student services department in November).
As a counselor at Carbon High School it is my responsibility to inform, assist and counsel students as they navigate their way through the educational system and move on to higher education or into the workforce. Please be assured that I will assist YOUR children with the patience, courtesy, and help they require. I will NEVER say that NOTHING CAN BE DONE. Although, you may have heard me say many times over the last couple of months, SHAME ON YOU USU EASTERN.
Sincerely frustrated and disappointed, Melissa Swenson
(As required by FERPA, a signed document from the student giving her permission to quote her GPA was provided to The Eagle).