June 20, 2024

Ruth Whiteside honored as Employee of the Quarter

This archived article was written by: Katie Bigelow


Employee of the Quarter was the honor of Ruth Whiteside, a coordinator III for Utah State University Eastern. She has given over 20 years of service to the college. One of her favorite parts of working at USU Eastern is, “The friendships I established with students, faculty, staff and the public. Some of the students remain in contact with me. I’m always so proud and happy to hear about what they are doing with their lives. It makes me happy when former students and CEU employees stop by the BDAC to visit me.”

            Her service has allowed her many memories, “I have many, many memories I will treasure forever. It’s hard to narrow down; however, a few of my favorite memories are when the basketball team went to SWAC Nationals in Kansas. When I received the Student Choice Award in 1996-1997, Outstanding Staff Person of the Year is another. Participating in Spencer’s Wishes and the restoration of the gym floor. Graduation is always special to me and last but not least, being Employee of the Quarter.”

            For new employees of USU Eastern, Ruth offered her advice, “We are all here to make our institution the best college experience for our students. While the main focus is academics, there are so many other ways to be involved. I encourage you to have interaction with students other than classrooms. There are so many opportunities to do this, such as basketball, volleyball and baseball games. I would be happy to share what I have learned with new employees.”

            “I have met so many people that have made a positive and lasting impact on my life, I can’t choose one. One person I would call my mentor is Coach Dave Paur. He has been a constant positive impact on my life and puts things in perspective on a daily basis. I admire the care and concern James Prettyman has for students. I think a lot of James and appreciate the fact I can always count on him helping with students.”

Campus Officer James Prettyman said, “Her uncanny people skills and dedication is what Ruth has added to the BDAC.”

When asked if money were no object, what you would be doing, she said, “I wouldn’t change a thing. I am right where I want to be. I love working with the students and at the BDAC. Why would I want to be doing anything else?”

Officer Jeff Wood said, “She has a cheerful personality and her dedication has made the BDAC a better place.”

            One of the most satisfying parts of her job is, “I would have to say my day-to-day interactions with students, faculty and staff. Also providing assistance and my dedication to the students.”

            Ruth is very dedicated to her students, job and the institution. Student Candice Cornaby said, “First thing that comes to my mind about Ruth is she is the nicest woman I have ever met. She truly cares about us athletes. I enjoy the times I get to go to the BDAC and just sit and talk with Ruth.”

            One of the longest days of Whiteside’s life was, “Once again it’s hard to choose just one. A day that will be in my memory forever will be the day Coach Brad Barton died. I closed the BDAC to the public and let the basketball team remain there until I was sure they would all be okay. We were there late, but I felt so bad for the team that I wanted to help them in any way I could.”

            Student and dancer Daylan Jones said, “She always has a smile when you walk into the BDAC. She’s always the first one to great you. You can tell how much she loves the students and school by the way she carries herself and takes care of the BDAC. I think of her as my Price grandma. She’s defiantly the one I’ll miss the most when I leave CEU.”

Friend Mike Kourianos said, “She looks at the athletes as her children. She has a love for them. Ruth brings a special spirit where people come to her. She has a listening ear. If you’re having a bad day, she is there to help. You see all the people who give her hugs. It’s genuine love.”

Paur said, “Ruth is the BDAC. She loves the activities and she’s always at all of them, because she loves the kids.”