May 15, 2022

Broadcast journalist visits USU Eastern print journalists


This archived article was written by: Karli Morris

Although he attended college to earn a degree in nursing, Warren Workman found that his true passion was for broadcast journalism. Workman graduated from Snow College, transferred to Southern Utah State and worked as a nurse while trying to get into broadcast journalism. He said that pursuing a career in broadcast journalism is next to impossible without having had an internship and an impressive portfolio.
Workman got his big break when he was a contestant on the show “Dance your Ass Off.” He was the second person to be kicked off and says that no one watched afterward. However, the show producers were impressed with the audition video that Workman made and asked him to do some work for them.
He is now the host and producer of the show Filmed in Utah, the only show all about Utah filmmakers. Workman travels around to colleges and universities talking to broadcast journalism majors about how to go about starting a career in broadcast journalism. He spent April 4, talking to USU Eastern communication students about the transition of going from student to working in the media field. His biggest advice to the students, “get an internship in your chosen field.”

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