May 11, 2021

Day: February 28, 2013

New student body officers elected for 2013-14

One hundred seventy one students voted in the elections held on Feb. 12-13 for the new president, executive vice president and vice president of activities for ESA.
Lucas Madsen was elected as the president with 66.1 percent of the votes with 113 over Carolyn Thornton who received 58 votes equaling 38.9 percent.
In a closer race, Chelsey Sorenson received 93 votes equaling 54.4 percent of the overall votes to beat Arsene Mugisha who received 45.6 percent of the votes from 78 votes.

No doctor in the house

As of Feb. 1, 2013, Utah State University Eastern no longer has medical professionals at the campus health and wellness center.
On Jan. 17, representatives of the USU Eastern student services office learned that the college healthcare provider, PEAK Healthcare, was going out of business and would no longer be able to serve the college as of Jan. 31.

Community invited to attend Theater Challenge

After 50 years of gracing the southwest corner of campus, it¹s time for a major uplift for USU Eastern’s Geary Theatre.
After serving as the “official” stage for thousands of theatre
productions in addition to music festivals, dance recitals, countless
graduations and even a few funerals, it has come time to remodel, update, revamp, restore, or whatever term comes to mind, to bring this grand old theatre into the 21st century.
There is a short time table to accomplish the first phase of this

NJCAA audits athletics 3rd time

For the third time in two years, the National Junior College Athletic Association is auditing USU Eastern atheltics.
Every year the NJCAA randomly picks ten percent of the 500 teams to audit as well as any team that is cast into the spotlight by competitors who know that a team has something to hide.
These audits require the coaches, within 72 hours of initial notification, to provide the team roster, schedule, proof of high school graduation for all players, proof of full academic schedules and a plethora of documents proving the eligibility of international students to play.

Trophies from former debate team displayed

For over 30 years, Professor Neil Warren was the debate coach at what was then the College of Eastern Utah. During his career, he and his students won over 202 trophies and 125 plaques as a team in tournaments throughout the United States. Some of those trophies are being displayed in the West Instructional Building in a case that is 24 feet long, six and a half feet tall, and two feet deep.

Former CEU coaches reunite

Almost 20 years later, two former coaches at the College of Eastern Utah (USU Eastern) have reunited in Carthage, Texas, and reversed their rolls from assistant coach to head coach and from head coach to assistant coach.
After leaving coaching at CEU, Junsie Cotton and Guy Beach’s careers crisscrossed throughout the United States as they both gained experience and accolades.

Baseball off to a rocky start

USU Eastern baseball traveled to St. George the weekend of Feb. 22 and 23, to play in consecutive double headers against Prairie Baseball. The men were unable to get a win this weekend, but they were able to see which combinations of players worked well together, which led to improvements over the course of the weekend.

LeBron James

The 2012-2013 NBA Basketball season has been interesting. One of the more profound athletes in the game right now is LeBron James. A few years ago he was on the Cleveland Cavaliers with no team and no hope. With no reliable teammates, James needed to carry his team with any hopes of being successful. Even though the Cavaliers made it to finals, James’ could not get the hardware. Now with James’ contract almost over, a big decision was ahead of him. He could either stay in his home state of Ohio or be signed with a new team with new possibilities.

Fighting to keep the season alive

Starting off the new week with a win over Colorado Northwestern the week looked bright for the Eagles, only to be shut down with losses at the hands of Snow and Salt Lake. The regular season has come to a close for the USU Eastern men’s basketball team. Post season playoffs start this weekend, meaning anything can happen. With all teams receiving an automatic bid into the regional tournament, there is still hope for even the poorest of teams. The Eagles capped off the season with an away game victory against CNCC, ending the season with two at home losses.

“Can Math Skills Help You Fill Out an NCAA bracket?”

If you are a fan of the annual NCAA’s March Madness and want to be better at predicting the outcome of the final winners, stop by the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center’s multipurpose room on Tuesday, March 19 at 7 p.m., where USU Eastern math instructor Peter Legner, will discuss “Can Math Skills Help You Fill Out an NCAA bracket?”
The talk will use basic math and statistics formulas to show how to predict the outcome of future sporting events (not just NCAA basketball games).

Al-Meer Hod-Gee-Sheck-Oh-Vitch?

Almir Hadzisehovic wears the number 12, stands six-feet, eight- inches tall and plays the forward for the USU Eastern Golden Eagles.
Hedzisehovic was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, with one younger sister.
He says that he likes being in Price. “I really like it here and enjoy every day in Price. It’s a big difference between Price and Serbia because the people here in Price are very nice and everybody wants to help you.”
Hadzisehovic idolizes Kobe Bryant’s basketball skills. “I like to watch him play and he is my favorite player.”

The chance to play was good enough reason to stay

As children, many of us dreamed of growing up and moving away from home to attend college. For some, that dream never came true and for others, it just happened later than expected. For Rachel Scoggins this dream just hasn’t come true yet. Scoggins, a freshman at USU Eastern, always thought she would graduate high school and attend college somewhere farther than 10 minutes away from home, but plans changed as she grew up and got the opportunity to be a part of the lady Eagles’ basketball team.

Where’s the love?

If I were to ask you right now, who has the best record in the NBA, how many of you would be able to answer my question correctly?  I am willing to guess that less than half of you would be able to tell me the correct answer. But I can’t blame you. If you were to say the Heat or even the Thunder, you would be incorrect, but most of you would probably answer that way. Let me tell you why most of you would give that answer.