April 15, 2024

Basketball role model

This archived article was written by: Krista Hamilton

USU Eastern has players from all over the country and all from different parts of the world who are eager to come play a sport they love. One athlete on the USUE girl’s basketball team hasn’t had to travel far to live her dream.
Rachel Scoggins is a 5 foot 8 inch sophomore who is returning to play basketball for the Golden Eagles as a guard playing either the 2 or 3. She is one of the few players who resides in Price. She graduated from Carbon High School with a graduating class of 200 students.
Many athletes who work hard to become a college athlete have multiple goals while in college, whether these goals are sports related or scholastically related. Some of the goals may go by semester, it may go by each test they take on a certain subject, and for athletes, it may be through the entire season or the goals may change each game.
Scoggins’ goals for this year are to graduate from USU Eastern with her associate’s degree then go up to Utah State or the University of Utah to receive a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.
Many athletes have a favorite team or a favorite player who they like to follow. Scoggins’ favorite team is the Boston Celtics and her favorite player is Rajon Rondo, a 6 foot 1 inch point guard who, coincidentally, plays for the Boston Celtics.
When asked how she feels about basketball she replied, “I love basketball and I can’t wait till the season starts!”
Scoggins is a very important part of the team and many of the girls see her as a role model. She encourages players through practice with her energy and kindness. She is always willing to help out a teammate in any way she can, showing the leadership every team needs. She is currently coaching volleyball at Helper Jr. High.