June 18, 2021

Keys to Success: To

This archived article was written by: Jesse Malan

Who wants to start their own business? Who wants to rule their own destiny? Who wants to say how much they make, how many hours they work, when they work and what that work is? If you have answered yes to any of these, you may just be a perfect candidate for being your own boss.
There are some major benefits to being the “boss” and a lot more responsibility too. How does one get to be the “boss”? That is a legitimate question with as many answers as there are professions and jobs. In summarizing the last four articles I have written, I will help answer this question. There are many steps to becoming an entrepreneur, and the first one starts with the individual. The first step is desire, accompanied with this is faith and persistence.
With any dream, wish or goal comes great desire. This desire is more than a mere want. It is the longing, urging, driving force within the mind that helps anyone reach their wants. This desire is a determination, a seedling that has the potential to grow into a gigantic oak, a dream waiting to be turned into a reality. This is a want (or need) that gets put into action.
Accompanied with this is faith. This is such a belief and emotion that captivates the mind; an influence that reassures the mind of the possibility of reaching one’s dream. A source of fuel that strengthens desires in all stages of work. Faith is a promoting, empowering substance that excites the mind and fortifies the desires into realities. It is an action agent.
During this time of pondering one’s desires, plans and goals are set up to obtain the dream. Here is the time of test, the proof of the maker. Here comes the “make or break” time when all the plans are made and put into action. As always, everything cannot be planned for. Setbacks happen, plans don’t always work and sometimes life comes crashing down hard. These are all okay.
These let downs and hard times are not a waste, nor complete failures. Oftentimes these are teaching moments where one can learn what has worked and what hasn’t from their own experiences. Oftentimes it is after the setbacks that miracles happen. Just before the miracle is something, anything, ready to trip up the “boss” in the making. This is the time to hang in and fight the good fight. For this fight will teach the brave entrepreneur much about life and how to handle the puzzle pieces.
This “hanging in there” is being persistent and is probably the greatest thing anyone can do to make their dreams come true. Keep the fire alive, reminding one’s self what they wanted and why is a great practice that refuels their original desire. Seek higher help when in life’s lows. This could be friends, successful people, books, literature and/or God. There is much out there against anyone trying to make a difference, but there is much more for anyone trying to make that difference.
The last thing to add here is the need for discipline. Set goals and make plans, then stick to them. This doesn’t mean plans can’t or won’t change. This means that the active entrepreneur won’t slack out of laziness or premature celebration and not spend the time where it is needed.
I will tell you right now that anyone who applies these keys of success, which is desire, faith, persistence and discipline, and keeps applying them can and will have the successes they dream of having. The world is at our fingertips. Our minds can create so much good, which will bring lasting happiness, joy and experience. All anyone has to do is take a leap of faith and try an experiment.
I know this works because I am living proof of using these keys and trying them out in my own business. I own “Malan Planetariums” and right now it is in its late infancy. When struggles come and I have been tripped by that awful monster called “temporary failure,” I look at what I am doing and design a new plan wherewith I can obtain my dream. As long as I feed my desire and have real emotions from my faith that I can make this work (this is practicing persistence), then I succeed. I am still here and the American entrepreneurial spirit is still here. Never give up. I applaud all those who wish and strive to make a difference.
This is the end of the series of articles that were written to help anyone gain their dreams.

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