July 14, 2024

Security cameras common on campus


This archived article was written by: Sam Czarnecki

Security cameras are a new sight on campus, and a great asset to students, faculty and staff alike. Many don’t know how the school’s camera system works, so Associate Vice Chancellor Eric Mantz provided more information.
Since major problems are a rare occurrence, Mantz favors remote accessing the feed via laptop. There usually isn’t anyone actively watching the camera feed, so it takes on a more supportive role for evidence capture. The cameras store up to a month’s worth of footage at a time, allowing local law enforcement to request captured video, making them useful for clearing up any recent situations.
As of December 2015, every educational building on campus contains security cameras. The most-heard questions stem from the seeming lack of cameras inside the buildings or their placement. Most of the criticism is pointed at the cameras located just inside every entrance in the Central Instructional Building. They all face outward, so almost none of the interior of the building is recorded, raising concerns about potential problems going unnoticed.
The placement of these cameras, according to Mantz, is to monitor the people who enter and leave the buildings. Outward facing cameras also ensure that privacy isn’t compromised for people inside the building. There has not been anything more than minor disturbances in any of the educational buildings in relatively recent history. As long as the school has a record of who walks in and out of a building, they have enough evidence, in most cases, to solve any problems that might arise on campus.