July 23, 2024

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”


This archived article was written by: Nathanial Woodward

Nearly a decade into the Marvel cinematic universe phenomena, the most anticipated film to date is only weeks away and the Internet is abuzz with fan theories making guesses as to the plot and storyline of the film. Perhaps the most hotly debated topic would be the question of which one of our beloved superheroes will not make it out of “Captain America: Civil War” alive. If you wish to go into this experience completely uneducated on the source material, avoiding possible spoilers, stop reading now, those of you who remain, let’s discuss some possibilities of which masked vigilante may be leaving us.
1-Lt. Colonel James Rhodes/Iron Patriot/War Machine. Iron Man staple and fan-favorite Rhodey played by talented actor Don Cheadle is a contender for this tragic honor. The most obvious clue comes from the first trailers released for the film which shows a unconscious and possibly deceased Iron Patriot being held by a distraught Tony Stark. This would clearly give enough fuel to the fire to spark an all out Cap vs. Iron Man brouhaha but would Marvel make it that obvious? I’d say there is much more to Rhodey’s story line than an early death.
2-Ant Man/Scott Lang. This is out there, but hear me out. Paul Rudd’s portrayal of cat burglar turned super hero Scott Lang was so well received that talks of his own major franchise were not only expected, but demanded. Ant Man, like Guardians of the Galaxy was so quirky and endearing that bringing Lang into such a serious plot is very risky. However, killing off such a fun-loving and likable character would seriously set the mood for the rest of phase-three, signifying that truly, nobody, however jovial, is safe.
3-Captain America/Steve Rogers. To fans of the Civil War Comic Series, Cap is probably the strongest candidate to meet his untimely demise. The series culminates in a beleaguered Captain America sacrificing his freedom in order to protect his remaining super-powered friends. Only to have Crossbones (played by Frank Grillo in the film) dispatch the beloved hero with a sniper shot. So if this movie will remain true to the source material, kiss our favorite good-ole-boy goodbye.
4-Black Widow and Hawkeye. Both these super assassins have criss-crossed each Avengers storylines, playing supporting roles while never stepping out significantly enough to warrant their own film. The little glances we have gotten into their lives has painted a very complex, but incomplete picture of the two buddies whose bonds run far deeper than any other duo in the Marvel franchise. Which is why they should both meet their ends, at the hands of each other no less. These two long-time allies are shown to be on different sides of the conflict and naturally would be matched up in the grand melee that surely must apex the film. Poetic justice would see these two meet there ends in the most Kafkaesque way possible.
5-Iron Man/Tony Stark. However unlikely, given Robert Downey Jr.’s strangle hold on Marvel’s success, this would make an interesting turn. In the first Avengers film, Captain American accused Stark of not being the one to take one for the team, this would be Iron Man’s chance to prove him wrong. Tony sacrificing himself for Steve, after everything, would catapult “Civil War” into a whole new level of emotions, bringing Downey’s character development to completion.
Whatever may come it is important to remember how many movies in this saga remain and above all to remember Marvel’s track record of keeping people dead. Loki died, twice, Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, Bucky Barnes, Pepper Pots and Groot have all seemingly met Stan Lee (see what I did there?) yet walk among us today. With the resurrection infinity stone still out there don’t rule out a reappearance of any of our fallen heroes.