January 27, 2022

Rafael Silkskin:

This archived article was written by: Kiara Horowitz

I knelt on the floor, clutching Prince Bradmir close to me.
“Is he okay?” Captain asked.
I nodded, “A little shaken, but no harm done.”
Captain shook his head, “She got away.” He stood up holding onto a chair for support.
“She always does,” I snorted. “I should know.” I glanced at him, “Why did you confront Melanie?”
Captain met my gaze. “I heard you yelling and decided to check it out.” He nodded, “You were right.”
“So, you’re letting me go?” I said hopefully.
“Give me the Prince and leave before I change my mind,” Captain said. Grinning, I stood and passed the child over to him. “I must be mad,” he muttered.
“We’re all mad Captain,” I said. “That’s what keeps us sane.”
He glared at me. “Get out.”
I ran to the window, opening it and leaped out. Landing on the patrol wall below, I jumped over the side. Back on the ground, I ran for my freedom. I didn’t stop until I reached a stream not far from camp. I fell to my knees on its bank and pulled off the mask. I threw it into the water where it dissolved. Glad to be rid of it, I splashed water on my face and scrubbed vigorously. A bit of my magic was back and I used it to return my hair from gray back to apricot. I sat back on my heals, enjoying the cool breeze for a moment.
Getting to my feet, I walked through the trees to our camp site. The clearing was clean without a trace of us ever being there. I walk over to the large tree where our hut used to be. Squatting down, I dug through the leaves until I found my pack. I knew Randolf would leave it for me. Opening, it the first thing I saw was my holster. I smiled, I really am lucky to have Randolf for a teacher. Finding a clean set of clothes I changed, and shoved the filthy clothes down into the pack as far as they would go. Strapping on my holster, I picked up my bag and made my way to the road.
As I walked into town, the sky to the east glowed pale on the horizon. Since it was still early morning, the only people out were late night party victims and shop owners. I walked past them avoiding eye contact and entered a tavern on the main street called “The Cherry Tree.” It was Randolf’s favorite place, but then he had a weakness for cherries. The workers were cleaning up from the night’s excitement. I stayed out of their way and took a seat at the bar next to Randolf.
Randolf sat sipping a cherry wine, not looking at me. “I thought I told you not to take forever.”
“I didn’t,” I muttered. The bar maid approached me. “One pint of cherry ale please.” She walked away to get my order.
“So how did it go?” Randolf asked.
“Everything is happily ever after,” I reported. The bar maid returned with my drink and put it down in front of me. She held out her hand expectantly.
Randolf pulled out some money. “It’s on me,” he said, giving it to her. She left us alone with our drinks. Randolf finally looked at me. “So, how do you feel, finishing your first job?”
I picked up my drink with a groan and downed a good portion of it.
“That good, huh?”
I lowered the tankard. “You’re doing the next one.”
Randolf smiled. Shaking my head I wondered if my first job could of gone any worse. Considering what happened, I’d done my best. I returned Randolf’s smile, feeling better about myself.

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