May 11, 2021

Thinking outside . . .


This archived article was written by: Travis Hill

Students are two weeks into the school year and undoubtedly some have complained that there is nothing to do here. And yes, upon first glance, Price may seem desolate and barren, however, it should be known to all Utah State University Eastern students that Price is home to some great outdoor activities.
Bicyclewerks at 100 West and 100 North almost singlehandedly supports the region’s mountain biking community. The founder of the shop, Fuzzy, constructed the two trail clusterys right here in town: Luke’s Trailhead (located atop C Hill) and Dead Dog Loop (located behind the golf course).
Fuzzy likes to say that his dogs were the real creators of the trials. The dogs were rescues and he insists, “running and creating trails has been good rehab for them, with the added benefit to the biking community.”
The trails in Price are, “tighter and twistier” compared to other trails from across the state, said Fuzzy. “A lot of the trails in Utah are made to go fast and take you to see a particular view, where our trails are the trail. It’s what it’s all about. The trail itself is so fun. Every once in a while you can stop and look around, but most of the time you’re just having fun on the trail.”
Hearing how great the Price trails are may intimidate some but that shouldn’t get anyone down. In fact, a wide variety of difficulties allows the most inexperienced riders and the diehards both to have a good time.
If you don’t have the proclivity or equipment to go out biking, don’t worry because there are several other activities that may be of interest.
Rock climbing has come to the limelight in recent years and there are several good locations around Price. What used to be an intimate aggregation of a few climbers, exploded into the massive and continually growing sport that it is now.
Recently Ashlee Price and Ashlyn Coleman went climbing. “We drove to Spring Canyon and tried to find what would be the best obstacle for each of us. And we picked a 5.7,” Price said, noting the difficulty of the climb.
Not only is climbing physically demanding, it will test you mentally. “There were so many different ways to climb the route. Some harder, some easier,” Coleman said.
Price students are close to three great areas for climbing. Spring Canyon and Price Canyon are good areas and close, but only 40 minutes away is Joe’s Valley which is world-renowned for its climbs.
Biking and climbing are some of the more expensive hobbies, but there are still those activities that are cheaper, if not free. Huntington Reservoir is a great source of entertainment and only 30 minutes south of campus on U.S. 10. Obviously one can go swimming, but there’s more than just that. A waterslide, paddleboards, canoes and slacklines surround the lake.
Possibly the biggest and most feasible source of outdoor activity is hiking. Price is famous for its hikes. It may not seem like there is much around, but explore a little and you might find some of the area’s little secrets such as hiking Gordon Creek Waterfall west of Price, exploring some of the abandoned towns in Spring Canyon, hiking to Balance Rock north of Helper, or maybe even dare to enter Devil’s Playhouse, a real life haunted house in Spring Canyon.
All one needs is an adventurous spirit and Price will suddenly become far more interesting. There are several unique fixtures in the area that make this place great, so if anyone is ever complaining about how boring the town is, remind them of all the wonderful activities it has to offer.

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