December 8, 2022

Jake Scoville


This archived article was written by: Terlynn Westphal

It is Jake Scoville’s third year at Utah State University Eastern where he is currently working towards a double-bachelor’s major in biochemistry and biology. He hopes to complete this within the next year and a half on the Logan campus. Scoville plans to travel across the United States before attending graduate school at Colorado State University to get a doctorate degree in the biochemistry and work in the field of biomimicry.
He hopes to use his interest in knowledge and science to impact the Earth in a positive way. With his inventive mind, he says, “As a hobby, I’d like to become an inventor to make a difference.” He describes possible innovations, “Something in the field of renewable energy or electric vehicles.”
Although he loves technology, he knows what simple things make him happy: family, knowledge and experience. He expounds on these values, “Family is where you come from, knowledge is what you can use through your entire life and experiences compose of who you are.”
These values have formed many of Scoville’s morals and beliefs. He cared for his grandmother in sickness. From this he learned that many people take advantage of healthy bodies. “Life is fragile. [This experience] has shown me how weak we are.”
Also, because he has seen what drugs and alcohol do to individuals, directly and indirectly, he chooses to live a life without them.
Scoville gets along with everyone he meets. “I have a state of mind that allows me to take a non-biased approach to a situation with people and events. It’s easy to get to know people and make friends due to that.”

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