May 25, 2020

Student Spotlights


This archived article was written by: Vivika Corona

Sydney Ho was born in Alexandria, Virginia but is a self-considered local. She spent most of her life in Kirtland, New Mexico, and moved to Price her sophomore year of high school.
Still undecided in her major, Ho is leaning towards communications. She is still unsure, although her dream job is to be a concert venue owner. The 19-year-old freshman at Utah State
University Eastern is planning on doing another year at USUE, then wants to transfer to the University of Utah. She enjoys the atmosphere Salt Lake City has to offer and is excited to broaden her viewpoints and experiences.
Ho is known to be a concert rat and can be considered as a fan girl. In her pastime she goes to concerts, local or not, and is more than happy to support upcoming bands.
Her favorite concert she has been to is Green Day in August 2017. “My graduation song was “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” and when Billie Joe (lead singer) played it on the stage by himself with an acoustic guitar. It started raining, I cried,” Ho said.
Her favorite celebrity is Brendon Urie, the leading man for “Panic at the Disco!” She admires the fact that Urie did what he wanted even when his family discouraged him. She considers her greatest achievement to be catching his sweat towel. Ho sat in the second row at his concert in Orem in March 2017, and caught the towel as he threw it into the crowd. The prized possession is now framed in her room.
Her goal for the year is to be voted as next year’s vice president of Student Services and Academics. She is club’s representative on student government and confident in her capability and wants to show the students what she can do.
Focusing on campaigning for the next few weeks she wants to reach out to different groups of students on and off campus.
She considers her advisor for student government Gypsie Everett, to be a role model in her life and explains it with “I feel like she has gone through a lot of hard stuff and she still makes it work.
“She is also a very happy person”. Ho said. Reflecting on an embarrassing moment in her life, Ho recalled a time in her freshman year of high school. “Someone had left a bar used for dead lifting in the weight room and I went to pick it up and I had it in my hands so I could flip it up. There were basketball players in the room as well and I had a crush on two of them at the time who were brothers. I ended up falling straight onto my back and the bar landed on my chest. They made fun of me for the rest of the year,”. She said.
One of her guilty pleasures is watching what she considers “cheesy” musicals. She feels it is unoriginal and hates the fact that one of her top-three favorite movies is “Mamma Mia!” She also loves the “Sound of Music,” and any musical Disney movies like “Hercules”.
Ho lives by the philosophy of, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” It is a quote by Aristotle that she says she has been obsessed with since the fourth grade.
Find Ho on instagram @sydneyho15

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