September 25, 2022

Eagle of the intersection

An aerial shot of the newly painted Utah State University Eastern athletic logo on the intersection welcome visitors to campus

Racquel Bera, News editor

With the leadership of our Student Body President, Bryce Gingery, and the help of Eastern Utah Student Association (EUSA) members as well as the male and female soccer teams, the intersection near our campus received a fresh coat of paint, quite literally, and a douse of school pride.

On August 12th, right before the start of school, the intersection between 300 East and 400 North was commandeered in order to paint the strikingly new Utah State University Eastern logo. It took about 10 hours to complete in total, and with the highway-grade paint used, the logo should withstand decent amounts of weather before having to be touched up. A large template was designed to guide the painters, who put a lot of hard work into hand-painting the majority of the logo, resulting in the bright white emblem we can see today.  The template can also be conveniently stored for use at a later date, ensuring the logo’s permanence.

The ball for the logo project started rolling in the spring and kept gaining momentum from there. “I wanted to do something really cool for the Legacy Project,” Gingery commented in his interview, “and this [ the logo] I think brings a lot of school spirit and pride to our campus.”

Along with our university being academically accredited, we also have some upstanding sports teams who bring a lot of diversity to campus. Having this logo is a nice, bright, way of representing them and all the work they do. “A big thing when you drive up to our University, as an opponent, or even as a student, is seeing that representation. It lets people know how proud we are to be here.” 

Eventually, however, the intersection will begin to fade after the infamous Price City winters take their toll. But, a plan was enacted by Gingery to ensure the logo is here to stay, “I put it [ the logo’s upkeep] into the President’s contract for future Presidents, as well as including a detailed manual on how to repaint it.” Gingery said, “It will be a little bit of a project, but now we know exactly how to do it, so the end goal is worth it.”

What better way to claim our territory than by setting the USU Eastern Eagle out for all to see? All our students deserve to be represented for all the hard work they do and where they do it, especially within their own community. So, not only are the students happy, but this is a step in the right direction to giving our campus the care and recognition it deserves. We are a great University and have the right to be loud and proud of that.

“Why not us?” Gingery said, “ Look at all the things we can accomplish! This is a great step toward the future, and I think we can and should have the nicer things. ”

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