July 25, 2024

Lori’s Letters for the Lovelorn

Lori Rager guest writer

Dear Lori,

I saw your column in the Eagle a few weeks ago and couldn’t decide if I should ask for advice or not, but think it’s a good idea.

I’ve been with my current girlfriend for a little while now and it feels like things might be getting really serious and I’m okay with that. In fact, I like the idea, but here’s the truth, the new iPhone 11 is out and I’m really torn. Do I buy a ring and propose to my girl or do I get the latest up-to-date tech so I don’t look like a total noob to my peers? Help Lori, what should I do?

Sincerely, Confused

Dear Confused,

Having just recently changed from a Samsung 3 to a Samsung 10E, I feel your concern. I know, I know, I had a ip phone before that. Go gure! My kids said I needed to be a smarter user to have a smart phone. I am sure the new iPhone 11 is going to be sweet, however how sweet is it having a girl in your life to love? Women want to know that you are thinking of them (at all times) so make your choice very carefully! I would hate for you to feel inferior to your peers on either issue. My suggestion is get the iPhone 11 thus eliminating the chance to be a noob, but start saving for the engagement ring or even consider making payments (on time) to hold onto the love of your life! Go on and kiss the girl! Love On!

Whether you have a suggestion, comment or question; feel free to send me an email at lori. [email protected] . I will pick one or two of the best and respond to them in the column. Have Fun!