February 23, 2024

Eagles struggle at end of season

The Utah State University Eastern Eagles sit in 5th place in SWAC with a 13-15 overall and 4-8 SWAC win-loss ratio. They trail behind Salt Lake Community College, who is in first place in SWAC with an incredible 26-4 overall and 12-0 SWAC win-loss ratio. 

       SLCC is also ranked eighth place in the nation for junior college men’s basketball teams. 

“I feel good about the things the guys have been able to accomplish, they’ve overcome a lot, they’ve put in a lot of work, so you have  to feel a sense of proud about the things they’ve been able to do,” said assistant coach Ray Jones. 

“I would say for the net year, expect to have guys that come in and work again, high character, ball players, they want to play basketball, want to become better mend and better ball players at the same. I think you can expect to see the culture continue to go in a positive direction and and a positive direction as we move these young men to become men and I think that’s what you can expect.”        Throughout the last two weeks, the Utah State University Eastern men’s basketball team had two losses and a win. They lost to Snow College, The College of Southern Idaho and Salt Lake Community College and beat Colorado Northwestern Community College. 

Eagles lose to Snow

Eastern lost to Snow College 80-66 on Feb. 13 in Ephraim, Utah. During the first half, the Eagles scored 29 points while the Badgers scored 38 points. In the second half, the Eagles scored 37 points while the badgers scored 42. 

The top players of the game were Turahn Thompson, Dovoval Avila and Gabriel Olivrira. Thompson scored 12 points, two rebounds, one assist and a steal. Avila scored 12 points, eight rebounds, five assists and three steals. Olivrira scored nine points, nine rebounds, one assist, one block and a steal.

Eastern made 44 percent of its field goal shots and 41 percent of its three-pointers. The Eagles made an amazing 81 percent of their free-throws. 

Eastern bests CNCC

The Eagles lost to Colorado Northwestern CC 87-71 on Feb. 15 in Rangely, Co. In the first half, the Eagles scored 42 points while CNCC scored 29. During the second half, the Eagles scored 45 points while CNCC scored 42. 

The top players of the game were Christian Haffner, Donoval Avila and Turahn Thompson. Haffner scored 23 points, one rebound, three assists and two steals. Avila scored 15 points, two assists and a steal. Thompson scored 12 points, seven rebounds, one block and two steals. 

The Eagles made 51 percent of their field goals, 40 percent of three-pointers and 62 percent of free-throws. 

Eastern loses to CSI 

Eastern lost to the College of Southern Idaho 76-60 on Feb. 20 in Twin Falls, Idaho. During the first half, the Eagles scored 27 points while CSI scored 41. In the second half, the Eagles scored 33 points while CSI scored 35. 

The top players of the game were Christian Haffner, Turahn Thompson and Dillon Sorensen. Haffner scored 13 points and a rebound. Thompson received a double double, scoring ten points and ten rebounds.  He also had six assists. Sorensen scored seven points, one assist and a steal. 

Eastern made 37 percent of its field goals, 25 percent of three-pointers and 39 percent of free throws.

Eagles lose to SLCC

The Eagles lost to SLCC  Bruins 82-71 on Feb. 22 at the Bunnell Dmitritch Athletic Center for the final home game of the season.

Turahn Thompson going for a dunk.