December 8, 2023

CEU Art Alum Shows at Gallery East

An exhibit, Chris Manwaring: Paintings – Outdoors & in Studio, will be on exhibit at College of Eastern Utah’s Gallery East from October 3 – 28, 2022.

An exhibit, Chris Manwaring: Paintings – Outdoors & in Studio, will be on exhibit at College of Eastern Utah’s Gallery East from October 3 – 28, 2022.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Manwaring spent most of his life growing up in rural Utah. While in high school Manwaring met Valoy Eaton, one of the nation’s top landscape painters. One of Manwaring‘s neighbors walked into their home and noticed a painting on the wall. He asked who had done the painting? Manwaring replied that he had and as a 17-year-old he was invited to artist Valoy Eaton’s home. This was the beginning of Manwaring’s journey in becoming a trained artist.

With many hours under the tutelage of Eaton, Manwaring received a firm technical foundation that he would be able to build on. Eaton introduced Manwaring to the great painters John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn and Nicholai Fechin who were greatest influences in his life. Values, edges and accurate drawing were among the many skills Eaton discussed and instilled in young Manwaring. A highpoint in his studies came when spent time in New York studying at the Grand Central Academy of Art.

After his fortunate acquaintance with Eaton, Manwaring studied with Scott L. Christensen and Jeremy Lipking, both winners of the prestigious Prix De West. Along with academic study, Manwaring made six trips to Europe to study the great masters. He feels this is the greatest education an artist can receive.

Armed with his training, patience and paint, Manwaring can be found roaming the mountains of the West. He is determined to be as truthful as possible as he translates nature onto his stark white canvas. When he returns home to his family (Pauline, Jeremy, Cole, Cale, Parker and Olivia), he finds great joy in producing larger paintings. His hope is that others will feel the peace and solace he feels as he is out in nature and the excitement he experiences producing art in his studio.

Manwaring, who once had art instructor Cliff Bergera as a student at CEU, went on to obtain a degree in art from Utah State University. He is now teaching art at Uintah High School and works out of his home studio in Vernal.

Manwaring will be giving an outdoor painting workshop on October 27 at USUE. Anyone interested can call Noel Carmack for details. Manwaring will be at Gallery East for a closing reception and gallery talk on Friday, October 28, from 6-8 p.m. Students, faculty, staff and the public are invited. The gallery is located in the Central Instruction Building.

The gallery is free and open to the public during the academic year.

Gallery East’s Fall 2022 hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Closed weekends, and holidays.

If you have any questions, contact Noel Carmack at 435-613-5241 or by email at [email protected].