June 14, 2024

Netflix series ‘Dahmer’ controversy

Ignoring the victims of his horrific activities

Netflix recently released a show titled “Dahmer”. It’s a show depicting how Jeffery Dahmer lived leading up to, after, and while he was a serial killer. I have a problem with it though. The show uses real people who went through so much trauma and died, as if they are characters.

 If they wanted to make a show about him and what he did, they didn’t have to include people who actually died. This forces the victims’ families and people who experienced the horrors first hand to relive the things they went through. The show very quickly became popular. As a result,  people dress up like Dahmer and make jokes about the things he did. 

Having it as a show on Netflix gives it the sense of fiction. Since the show’s release there have been TikTok trends about Dahmer as though he was fake. With that show it’s likely people have found those who were affected by Dahmer’s horrific crimes. 

If anyone went to those lengths I’m sure they have also harassed the families of the victims. If they wanted to make a show about him during that time of his life, they could’ve done it without using real names and things that happened. If people really wanted to know about all the things he did, they could have looked it up. 

A lot of people watched that show with very limited knowledge of who Dahmer was and all the things he did. 

Every time I see someone making jokes about the things he did to his victims, it aggravates me. The people who made the show were asked not to by the families of the victims, but they did it anyway. They don’t care about the people who were actually involved and it shows, all they care about is the money they made from it.

 They did research on Dahmer, but that doesn’t change the fact that they ignored pleas to not make a show that would cause the families to relive one of the hardest times in their lives. I watched part of the show but I got to a point where I was just so mad that they would disrespect people who died in such a way. They even went to lengths to cast people who look identical to the real people. 

I can’t stress it enough, the people who went through it do not deserve to be forced to relive Dahmer’s horrific activities. I don’t mind documentaries, or the Jeffery Dahmer tapes that have been released, but making a show about that is crossing a line That should’ve never even been touched.