April 20, 2024

Celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving: For

Christmas is the best holiday; it brings families together and gives kids a magical feeling. Thanksgiving is fun but it’s just a meal, and it doesn’t have any good music or movies. However, Christmas has endless numbers of Christmas music and movies, and quite frankly Christmas is actually fun and something to really look forward to. Nobody has ever said “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,” but adults and kids alike have said that about Christmas. If people can start decorating for Halloween in September, why can’t I decorate for Christmas in November? Because of a meal? I think not. 

         I start playing Christmas music and decorating on Nov. 1. It’s the most magical time of the year, so why wait? Christmas does so much good for the communities and families alike. You don’t see people dressed as turkeys in a mall, but there are Santa’s in every mall nationwide. There is a show that continues Tim Allen’s Santa Clause films called The Santa Clauses that starts airing on Nov. 16. It will get so many views the day it drops, because most people celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving. 

        The only thing about Thanksgiving that I look forward to is the food and the parade, but when it comes to Christmas, there is so much to do. There are plenty of activities, music and shows. Christmas is fun and there is not a boring part about it. Thanksgiving is super boring, its not enjoyable, its fun to cook but once its over it’s over. Christmas is there for so long; it lasts from before to a little while after. Nobody has a good excuse (other than them not celebrating at all) to wait to decorate for Christmas, why not? Because there isnt one. 

     You can eat a turkey and a pie while listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. When you think about it, Thanksgiving is like a midnight snack; it’s brief and unimportant, also the history of it is just insane, why should we celebrate mass genocide?. Why celebrate something so dark? Christmas is bright and happy, you can’t be sad on Christmas; it’s nearly impossible. Plenty of people are sad on Thanksgiving, it’s actually pretty common. People make up excuses like “ it’s for families to come together” but Christmas brings families and strangers together. It’s a time of peace and joy. You can walk around and random people will talk to you and wish you a merry Christmas, and sometimes give you little things like candy canes. Christmas > Thanksgiving