July 20, 2024

Gibson Hosts Black History Month Dinner

General Alfred Flowers Jr. once said, “Black History Month stands as a reminder to re-imagine what new heights are achievable and set your course to make history or make a change. I’ve seen it happen first hand.” In the month of February, many countries around the world celebrate Black History Month. According to the article, “Black History Month” by Kay Boatner it states, “Black History Month was created to focus attention on the contributions of African Americans in the United States. It honors all Black people from all the periods of U.S. history, from the enslaved people first brought over from Africa in the early 17th century to African Americans living in the United States today.” 

James Gibson, Dining Services Worker, came up with the idea to host a dinner to celebrate Black History Month. The dinner was held on Thursday, February 15th in the school cafeteria. I had the chance to talk with Gibson about his dinner. 

I first asked Gibson about how he got the idea for the dinner. Gibson states, “I thought about the diversity on campus and all that I face. I felt that a meal is the perfect way to bring awareness towards this cause.” Gibson states for the meal, “I cooked a southern style gumbo. Growing up, gumbo was something I saw in a lot of black homes prepared by my grandma or an auntie.” 

We then went on to talk about the importance of Black History Month in Gibson’s personal life. I first asked Gibson what Black History Month meant to him personally. He stated, “Black History Month means an opportunity for not just people of my color being reminded of what we fought for, but for everyone. It is also about enlightening everyone around the world, so that history may never repeat itself. I then asked Gibson why he thought it was important that we as a society continue to honor Black History Month. His response was, “I believe it is important for society to continue to honor Black History, so that all people can understand oppression can happen to anyone, especially today. It is also about learning to stay fighting for your own truth and self worth. 

Finally, we talked about how he thought that dinner turned out. Gibson stated, “I have never made a gumbo on this scale before. I’d say it turned out great and full of affection. Gibson also received lots of positive feedback. “I received a handful of compliments and a lot of excitement from a few students hearing about the meal through the school website. A few faculty members shared that there was plenty of flavor in the gumbo.” I asked Gibson if this was a tradition that he wanted to continue, his response was, “I personally do not believe in traditional methods, but having some type of commemoration would be a great idea.” 

May we continue to celebrate Black heritage not just in the month of February, but everyday. Let this month be a reminder to appreciate and respect the contributions that Black people all over the world have made.