June 18, 2024

Madysen Probst: New Eastern Region Vice President

Madysen Probst will be the new Eastern Region Vice President for the academic year of 2024-2025.

   Probst is originally from Round Rock, Texas and came to USU Eastern on a choir scholarship, as well as the cheaper tuition costs. Her studies here in Price have been towards integrated studies with an emphasis in social sciences and human services.

   Over the past two years, she has been part of the leadership groups; USUSA, the SUN Center, and Outdoor Rec. 

   “I didn’t always want to be involved in leadership, but halfway through my freshman year I had the chance to apply and be a part of EUSA (now known as USUSA). Ever since then I knew I always wanted to be part of a leadership group and basically have been,” Probst said. In being involved with these leadership groups, she’s felt that it has prepared her for the chance to run as the Eastern Region Vice President.

   The workload for this position will increase the number of meetings she’ll attend throughout the year. In these meetings she will gather with the executive council up in Logan. 

   “This position will help me out a ton as well with the goals I have after I graduate,” Probst said. She has plans to work in higher education as an academic advisor or even be over events and/or student life.

   In this position, Probst wants to tell students and prospective students what Eastern has to offer so that they can get the best out of their time spent in college. 

   “I plan on ensuring that Eastern is recognized for the school that it is,” she said. “I also plan on providing students with the knowledge of available resources, knowledge of majors available on our campus and more,” Probst continues.

   Students; Lily Hyde, Shaun Bryner, and Esi Johnson will be joining Probst again on the USUSA team, as well as other incoming students who are selected from Eastern’s Leadership Day. Probst, Hyde, Bryner, and Johnson have all had the opportunity to work closely together and have grown even closer. In turn, making the team a strong one.

   The upcoming school year will be Probst’s last one. Her hopes are to make the year memorable for all of our students and keep Eastern’s tagline “home away from home”. While going to school here, she has been able to feel that resemblance of home. 

   “I want students to feel comfortable to come and talk to me or the other USUSA members about differences they would like to have made on campus,” she said.

After finishing school, Probst will continue to live in Price while her husband finishes his master’s degree.

   “I plan to work full time, but other than that I don’t know too much more,” she finishes.

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