July 20, 2024

What is Snacks with Shaun?

Shaun Bryner is the current Student Advocate of Utah State University Eastern and will continue in the next year. Bryner also is a tutor for Chemistry and Biology, although next year he will be joining the Aggies Elevated program. Next year he will graduate from USU Eastern with a bachelor’s degree in health education and Promotion with an emphasis in Health Science with a minor in Biology & Chemistry. With his degree he hopes to one day attend medical school. On top of being the Student Advocate, a tutor, and full-time student Bryner also participates in research at the Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum under the guidance of Dr. Joshua Lively. 

   Bryner never really intended to be Student Advocate, but it seems the position fell right into his hands. Bryner states, “It’s a funny story really. Last year, no one applied at the deadline to declare that they were running for Student Advocate. As a joke, I said that I would run. Little did I realize that the person I said that joke to that year’s current Student Advocate, Brooklyn Ward. She said I should, and the rest is history.” 

   Bryner came up with the idea to start, “Snacks with Shaun” for an opportunity to visit and meet with current students to hear their needs and interests that they want to see at USU Eastern. Bryner also stated, “Coming into this position, I felt that as Student Advocate, I needed an event that would really aid me in hearing student voices, so I could then amplify and bring about meaningful change that students need. That’s where “Snacks with Shaun” comes in. It became a monthly event where students can sit down, and we can communicate about their ideas to make our campus a better place.” 

   ‘Snacks with Shaun ” is a fun and inviting environment where you can go meet with Bryner, get a free t-shirt, and a Crumbl cookie. Bryner states, “Well first off, we needed snacks. I love cookies, so it was a no brainer to get Crumbl cookies. This last year we would meet in the Nexus Lounge every third Thursday at three and have an open discussion. Usually, I had a few points that I wanted student input on, like current projects that amazing advisors, faculty, and staff were working on. In addition, I always ask for student input on things that they really like about campus and want to be continued, or changes that we could make to make USUE a better place for a great college experience.” 

   During “Snacks with Shaun,” students and members of the community wanted the BDAC to have more accessible hours. Bryner and the USUSA were very instrumental in making that happen. Bryner stated, “It was a lot of fun to help with that, but it wasn’t all me. It was the great USUSA team that helped a lot with this. During my campaigning season when I first ran, I heard a lot of students that wanted better access to the BDAC, especially on the weekends. So, during our few board committee meetings, we worked with Jess Brinkerhoff to make that a possibility for moving to a keyless entry system for students and community members.  It was implemented this last March, and it is a great change, at least from what I have heard!”

   Bryner wants everyone to know that there are many ways to get ahold of him. They can either find him in his office in the JLSC and communicate with him face to face, or you can feel free to email him.