August 14, 2020

The Eagle

CEU’s customer service

In today’s ever more-competitive educational marketplace, one might ask if the College of Eastern Utah is acknowledging who its customers are and whether or not the college is pleasing its customers time after time?

The Justice League takes on the Tumor Tower of Doom®

It sure does feel good to be back again for another year at the College of Eastern Utah. But we can’t help but notice that some things aren’t quite the same as when we left last year. They say that if you are not progressing, you are digressing. After seeing some of the changes that happened around campus over the summer, we must wonder about the direction that CEU has taken.

Eagles name Emilee Madsen as captain

As the CEU volleyball players sat in their locker room the night before their first game (the alumni game) listening to Coach Brent Martindale, an announcement was made: “This year’s team captain will be … Emilee Madsen.”
He continued on listing the expectations and duties she, as the captain, will be performing throughout the season.