July 5, 2020


Around the world in 80 seconds

Last year’s sports editor stole my spot this week, but the world still goes ’round, so here we go.
The Marlins won the World Series.  The Vikings finally didn’t win a game, but Virginia Tech feels their pain. The world of sports is always changing.  As a famous quote says, “That’s why you play the game.”  Here is what happened in the games played last week.

Sophomore spotlight: Jordan Fox

Washington-state born Jordan Fox made her way to Alpine, Utah in 1998. She transferred to Lone Peak High School in the first part of ninth grade. As a child growing up in Seattle, Fox was exposed to volleyball and learned the sport from her dad. “My dad is very athletic, he would play volleyball with some teams in Washington and I would go watch. He would play with me before and after his games, we would ‘pepper’ on the sidelines. This was when I was in elementary school, I have played every since then.”