April 12, 2021

CEU students opt for pre-nursing major

This archived article was written by: Heather Myers

Preliminary numbers indicate CEU’s largest declared majors this year are pre-nursing, business and criminal justice. Engineering is also popular as is cosmetology. Some of the least declared majors include zoology, anatomy and chemistry.
Four hundred and nine students have not declared a major and 134 are not seeking a degree. Pre-nursing is the most popular declared major with 136 students. Business majors are a close second with 99 followed by criminal justice next with 85.
Some of the least declared majors at CEU include anatomy, architecture, chemistry, computer office information systems, e-commerce and webpage design, geography, human resources, law enforcement, microbiology, archaeology, social studies, speech, sports and recreation and zoology. Each of those major have only one student having declared them as their choice.
Some other popular majors are engineering with 47, cosmetology with 41, education with 37 and automotive with 31. Early childhood, psychology, nursing and welding each have 30. Theatre has gone up from last year and now stands at 21 majors. Pre-medical students is also at 21 majors. Graphic arts majors and diesel mechanic majors both stand at 17.
Accounting and communication (journalism) majors have 16 students listed each with business administration students listed at 15. Computer networking is at 13 with art at 11. Music and administrative assisting are all listed at 10 majors.
Pre-physical therapy and computer science both have nine students. Heavy equipment and trucking and pre-dental are both at eight. Building construction, English, history, pre-optometry and radiology are all at seven majors. Biology, drafting, electronics pre-forestry each have six. Life science, dance, machine shop, sociology and pre-engineering each have only five students.
Mining has four students listed as majors. Secretarial and physical education have three and pre-law, political science, math, geology, electronics, business computer information systems and anthropology have two students listed for those majors.

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