May 17, 2021

Day: April 13, 2006

National Poetry Month celebrated at CEU

In honor of National Poetry Month, sponsored in part by the Utah Arts Council, the College of Eastern Utah is hosting poetry readings and workshops.
On April 11, well-known poet, Katie Kingston shared her poems and conducted workshops the next day on poetry and creative writing on the CEU campus.

Barrick likes getting to know his students

Reese Barrick was born and raised in the town on Osage, Iowa. While growing up, his two favorite activities were swimming at the pool and shooting hoops at his home in his driveway.
After high school he attended Cornel College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, where he received his undergraduate degree in biology and geology. From there he attended University of Southern California where he studied paleontology and received his graduate degree.

Volleyball recruits

The volleyball season is long over, but head coach Brent Martindale, is preparing for next season, just four months away.
Martindale is determined to improve upon last season’s record. Martindale, has made a lot of changes in the off season said “this is the second year in a row that I am trying to turn a team around that finished last place in the conference. That means that I have had to make some changes on my roster. Instead of 8 returning freshman, there will only be four.”

CEU baseball wins three out of four against CNCC, drop three games to Southern Colorado

The Eagles racked up three big wins against CNCC, and went one for four against a tough Southern Nevada side.
The CEU Eagles started their recent home stand, as the Colorado Northwestern Spartans made their way into Eagle country. The Spartans took an early lead by scoring on a sacrifice fly midway through their first at bat. After three outs, CEU came in to try their bats against the CNCC defense. The Eagles went down in short order, three up and three down.

Welcome back baseball

Before I officially begin my column today I would like to tell a story that has nothing to do with the rest of my column. I recently found out that my oldest brother Cory and his wife are going to have a baby. Cory is a die-hard Yankees’ fan (every family has their dark secrets). Chris my other brother sent Cory a little baby shirt that says Yankees Suck. With any luck, the sins of the father will not be passed down to the son, and my nephew will grow up a Red Sox or Dodgers’ fan. OK, now to my column.

300 students attend CEU Career Fair

College of Eastern Utah and the JOBS Committee sponsored the annual Career Fair 2006 with over 300 students attending last week.
This year, as in the past, CEU encouraged a career information track, along with employment opportunities for people seeking jobs in this area. “More jobs were available than ever before,” said Lanore Cunningham from DWS who served as member of the JOBS committee. Many were able to fill out application and attend presentations from employers in attendance.

Gallery East features CEU’s best student work

The College of Eastern Utah Art Department annual student exhibition, showcasing more than 80 works of art in a variety of media. Painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design and photography are all well represented in the show which runs through April 28.

Backpack, flip flops and cargo shorts type of guy, Greg Borman leaves CEU

Among the students, Greg Borman is known as one of the College of Eastern Utah’s most relaxed and fun math professors.   Borman will be leaving CEU at the end of the semester and moving to Boise, Idaho, to be closer to family and to pursue a career in real estate development.
Borman received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from California State University Chico and received his master’s degree from the University of Idaho.   Borman first became interested in teaching when he was completing his bachelor’s degree at CSU Chico.