June 18, 2021

Month: August 2007

Volleyball season opens with win against alumnae

This year’s womens volleyball squad might be inexperienced for a college team with only four sophomores, but they started on a good note in the first game against the College of Eastern Utah alumnae, with a clean sweep, the women had no problems in the win.
Team leader in this match was sophomore Olivia Fowler, who led the team with 10 kills and two errors, Fowler also had six blocks.

Why you should give a crap about CEU Theatre

When I first stated thinking about my post high school career I looked into many schools. Of coarse the ones almost everyone knows; U of U, BYU, etc. But it took a theatre professor named Corey Ewan for me to even know this place existed, and I’ve come to love every minute of my time here. We may not live in the largest town by most standards so what are you going to do here when you’re not in class?

Victim Effect returns to CEU after concerts in Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Michigan, Nevada

Victim Effect is a band based out of Provo, Utah that refuses to claim any particular genre of music, although on MySpace they are classified as “rock/electronica/metal”.   They “got together” in September of 2004 and 20 days later they had their first “gig” at a wakeboarding competition.
Since their “speedy beginning”, they haven’t slowed down, recording their first album, which was only five tracks long, sometime between September and November of 2004, hitting the road shortly after.
They currently have a full-length album available through their website:

Customize your license plates

If you have ever wanted custom plates for your car, this is the year to pay a little extra money to have the plates plus donate to the College of Eastern Utah’s scholarship fund.
On August 15 new personalized plate for your car are available. Shockingly it has the Eagle that represents the College of Eastern Utah right by the numbers. The funds for each plate sold is going to scholarships to help more students. These plates are located at any DMV offices for $43 for now only because of mandatory fee from the state, and the other $25 is for the student scholarships.

A new life

With my eyes closed I turned the key to the right and took a deep breath, as I open the door and notice that I am in a whole new world, a world where anything can happen.
Let me introduce myself, I am a student at CEU and I love this place. I’m an average student making a better future for myself, and this is the place to do it. I am from Layton, Utah, where I attended Layton High School, and where I decided to become a dance major. I live in AJ halls and I have the greatest roommates in the world, they’re names are Nigel, Daniel, Brandon, Brian and Mike.

Should iPods come with headphone etiquette information?

The iPod is a beautiful invention- it allows us to hold thousands of songs, pictures and movies (depending on what kind of iPod you have) on a little, convenient device. But is it possible that the convenience of the technology can get to be a bit of a problem? Lately there seems to be a lot of talk about cell phone etiquette, and I’d like to present a new subject, headphone etiquette.

Become a true independent

College offers many great opportunities, including a young person’s first real experience of independence. The thing is, it’s usually only selective independence. I hate to break it to you, but we live in the “Me” generation these days. It’s true. Many of us pampered young adults don’t know the true meaning of hard work. We want to be on our own, yet we rely on our folks for the majority of our needs, even while attending college.

New six ton, 25-foot addition to Prehistoric Museum

May 2006, the world’s largest armored dinosaur ever to be discovered was found in Eastern Utah. Estimated to be 25 to 30 feet long and weighing six tons, the unnamed dinosaur, is about three times the size of the Gastonia burgei, another armored dinosaur, discovered in 1995.

Parking tickets leave a $$$ mark

Unless you don’t mind giving away Benjamins, CEU’s Hearing Officer Robbin Snow recommends not parking in a campus red zone. That’s right, 100 smackers for parking in a red zone on campus. Parking in a handicapped zone will cost you $75. All other parking infractions will cost $25. These include parking without a permit in the cosmetology parking area, double-parking or taking up two spots.

Students can easily connect to the web anywhere on campus

With the increase of laptops and personal computers on campus, the wireless Internet system has become a critical part of college life at the College of Eastern Utah. With many students complaining of the problems dealing with the old system, plans for a new and improved wireless system became a topic of discussion, over a year ago. The implementation for the system began in April 2006, with the final completion taking place in the summer 2007. Returning students will soon notice the differences while new students will not have to go through the previous hassle of the old system.

Board of Regents listen to proposal for new fine arts building

On Tuesday, August 28, several members of the States Board of Regents including Bonnie Jean Beesley, Marlon Snow, Tony Morgan and Amy Engh were joined by Associate Commissioner Mark Spencer, USHE Director of Budget and Planning Kimberly Henrie, DFCM project manager Lynn Hinrichs and Legislative Analyst Spencer Pratt, visited College of Eastern to assess the dangers associated with Utah’s two most dangerous buildings – the Geary Theatre and the Music Building, according to CEU Vice President for Finance and Administration Kevin Walthers.