May 11, 2021

Day: November 27, 2009

People are sick; wash your hands

It’s November. Fall is in the air but, sadly, so is the flu. People are getting sick and, on a school campus especially, that means that everyone seems to have something.
With H1N1 being the big scare, surely there’s something we can do to prevent it, right? In my perfect world, I would tell you all that salvation is nigh. We shall all be saved from this virus and no one else would get sick. But, seeing as I don’t play God here, this isn’t the case.

“Systemic Profiles”

Four Utah artists are exhibiting their work at College of Eastern Utah’s Gallery East through Thursday, December 11.
Titled Systemic Profiles, it features a diverse use of artist’s media, including oil paint, paper mach , photography, sound and fabricated materials.

CEU’s men’s basketball in pre-season action

Fall is here, the weather is cool, the leaves are falling, and that can only mean basketball is back.
The College of Eastern Utah Eagles started their pre-season action by traveling to Scottsbluff, Neb., to face the Western Nebraska Community College Cougars. The following week CEU played host to the Cougars, with each team racking up a win.

Archeologist studies tree-rings in SE Utah

Studying past human behavior through dating events and variations of the environment of tree rings, encompassed K. Renee Barlow’s latest research.
Barlow, curator of archeology at the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, worked with University of Arizona researchers Ronald H. Towner, Matthew W. Salzer and James A. Parks, of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research.

Good news should be top news

The news seems to be sad, especially in recent decades. Don’t get me wrong, I want to know what is happening and what I need to be aware of but, a break from murder, disaster and war is welcome.
When I was on the newspaper staff in high school, I would sometimes write a “good news” article to cheer up others and myself when I felt the world was burdening me with depression and anguish. So I decided to continue with that tradition considering the events that took place throughout the year.

Opportunities abound for Spanish speaking students

Spanish translation
En la clase de espa ol, Steve Nelson no s lo ense a; l hace que aprender sea divertido. l se asegura de que cada estudiante participe con diferentes actividades.
Estudiantes trabajan y aprenden r pido porque ellos est n practicando el idioma. Estudiantes se entrevistan en espa ol, usando preguntas del libro. A veces, ellos tienen la oportunidad de hacer preguntas y crear una conversaci n de un tema decidido por Nelson

Holiday dance concert next week

A collection of dances representing fall holidays will be combined for this year’s Season’s Greetings performance under the direction of instructor Melissa Anast.
Season’s Greetings performances run from Nov. 19-21 at the Geary Theatre. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. Cost is $10 for adults, $7 senior citizens, $5 ffaculty, staff and students without activity cards and $3 with an activity card. Children under 5 will not be admitted to the hour-long performance.

CEU women open preseason with back-to-back loses

The College of Eastern Utah Eagles women’s basketball team opened their preseason play last weekend at the Southern Utah University Tournament in Cedar City, Utah. CEU faced off against Pima Community College, and Arizona Western College, losing both games.
On Nov. 6, they took on PCC. The Eagles started the game strong and at halftime the score was close with PCC leading 41-37. CEU finished the first half with a 50 percent shooting average.

Broadening the mind; best reason to travel

Everyone should travel. It broadens the mind says Jennifer Trushka, a political science instructor who spent three weeks touring Egypt last summer.
An international traveler who has already been to Brazil, Romania Greece, France and Italy, Trushka decided to visit Egypt because of its vast spiritual history and its culture.

CEU’s undiscovered heroes

Did you know that the College of Eastern Utah is full of unfound heroes? You see them every day, students learn from them and sit in their classes and maybe even sit by them in classes.
These heroes are not looking for publicity or even medals; because most of them have already earned all they wanted. These heroes are the men and women of our armed forces, whether they are serving, retired or disabled; they served our country with valor.