May 28, 2024

How well does your rifle hold up your Halo?

This archived article was written by: staff

107.9 The Edge hosted the second in a series of Halo 2 tournaments Saturday January 29.
Four teams competed in a triple elimination tournament. Each round of competition were team slayer games.
The team of The Federal Association of Children with Ears (F.A.C.E.) completed the tournament undefeated. They were awarded a certificate worth $100 of in-store credit to Games Galore.
The second place team, The Skull Kings, had an impressive 4:1 record in the competition and received $60 in-store credit to Games Galore.
The third place team, Short Bus, were awarded CEU logo merchandise.
The Halo 2 tournaments are fund raising events for 107.9 The Edge. Partnering with Games Galore as the primary sponsor, the tournaments will be scheduled monthly with the next tournament scheduled for Saturday, February 26, 2005.
Teams wishing to be involved in the next tournament can get details at