January 20, 2021

Month: March 2011


This archived article was written by: David Osborne Jr. Game, after game, after game, it…

Baseball starts slow, team wins two in Colorado

USU Eastern baseball team struggles in the first part of the season as they are tied for fourth place with Colorado Northwestern Community College. With a record of 2-10, the Eagles got their first two victories this past weekend which could turn around their losing streak.

Lady Eagles have successful season

Region 18 of the NJCAA Division-1 Scenic West Conference had a battle of games over weekend of March 3-5th. On March 3, Utah State University Eastern Lady Eagles put up an incredible fight with the Snow College Badgers. The see-saw game ended with the Lady Eagles’ down 63-59.

How faithful should Utah fans be to sports?

If you have not heard, Brigham Young University is in the Sweet 16. I’m sure I didn’t need to tell you, I’m sure the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint membership has been updating you with every half of ball. With Jimmer leading the way, their season quickly became the “hot topic” in Utah.
I am not from Utah and honestly can say I hate BYU. I’ve been told I need to cheer for BYU though because I live in Utah…won’t happen. Why is this expected?

Next on the Tee: The difference between heroes and legends

March may be one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is getting warmer which means golfing, there is a playoff race in the National Basketball Association, and it is time for the college basketball tournament. With the college basketball tournament we get what has been dubbed “March Madness.” It is the time of the year when you either win or go home. If you lose there are no more games, the season is over and you can start cleaning out your locker. However if you win then you keep playing, with that being the case there is always bound to be an upset.

Giving more brings more to you

From Scotland Aberdeen, Bethany Rose Gilmour-Woodruff was born to a family of seven siblings. She is the middle child with two brothers and three sisters. Both of her parents are high school teachers. Her passed away three years ago.
She remembers her dad as the normal dad. “He was quite strict.”
“Although he was strict, we still knew he loved us,” Gilmour said. She said her mother is very pretty and the strongest person she has ever met.

CEU who?

USU Eastern’s Golden Eagles entered the Scenic West Athletic Conference conference tournament as the number-two seed. Even though Coach Brad Barton and his team were predicted to win the tournament, they lost their first game, eliminating them from play. However, many of Eastern players will move on to D-1 universities, or return to play for the Eagles for another promising year.

The Odd Couple

As the semester enters its final weeks toward the end, the Geary Theater will have its last play of the season produced in it: The Odd Couple.
Director Todd Olsen said he chose this play because you can’t go wrong with Neil Simon, playwright. There are two versions to this play, female and male, and he chose to do the male version because the female version didn’t have, “as strong of a script. The comedy seemed more forced.”

Letter to the editor

Okay, while the title might seem like an oxymoron, it is possible to say “no” to a date without ever being asked; but, going back to my previous article, “Why in the good Hell would you ever want to!?” Throughout my dating experiences, I’ve come up with a few key ideas to help ladies with the pre-emptive no.

Marriage: making big decisions

Life is full of choices: small choices, big choices, insignificant choices and choices that change your life.
I don’t know about most people, but after that “most important” decision, I pretty much figured Henry and I would just always be on the same page for the rest of our lives. I mean, that’s why we married each other, right? So it’s been a pretty strange experience for me over the last 9 months. I’ve realized that a lot of the things I thought I had decided have needed to be compromised.

Battle of the Bands: Attack at the BDAC VI

The sixth annual Battle of the Bands took place in the Bunnell-Dmitrich Athletic Center on the Price campus of USU-Eastern Saturday, March 19.
The brain child of Associate Professor of Communication Troy Hunt, the Battle of the Bands is sponsored each spring by the campus radio station, 89.7 The Edge, and was co-sponsored this year by Castle Valley Entertainment.

USU-CEU becomes USU Eastern

It seems lately, we’ve all been a little confused about what students are supposed to call our college since the merger with Utah State University. Everyone has just become so accustomed to the usual College of Eastern Utah title.
For a while now, the new name seemed to be set on Utah State University- College of Eastern Utah, and everyone was fine and dandy. Unfortunately, due to some recent discoveries, this name is not going to work; at least the acronym definitely will not work.

Lying: a way of life

Two monkeys walk into a bar, both equipped with twin-barrel shotguns and the ability to shoot bullets out of their flaming fists… See what just happened? This is called lying.
Monkeys aren’t allowed into bars, nor do they have the ability to purchase firearms or shoot bullets out of non-existent flaming fists.
Though lying is a common occurrence among our society today, for the sake of a joke or to avoid offending our girlfriends, it has also become a matter of survival in our competitive, animalistic world.

Book signing with author, James C. Wilson

Who says life is fair? James C. Wilson, author of a book titled Who Says Life Is Fair?, knows all about the unfairness of life.
Wilson has become friends with a devoted and loving father, whose relationships with his adult children are lost to him, but who leads a rich and rewarding life in spite of that fact. Wilson was intrigued by this man’s unique story and undertook to chronicle the drama of his life, as well as the uplifting victory he has had over misfortune and loss.