January 20, 2021

Day: March 3, 2011

SEC: This week’s Sports Editor’s Choice

There is a lot to cover in this edition of the Sports Editor’s Choice. Professional basketball has passed the All-Star break and the trade deadline. College basketball is on the way to driving all of us mad during March. Baseball is starting soon which will have everybody talking about their favorite team. Without any further commentary from the editor himself, let’s dive in.
5- Spring Fever is here

Crowd Control

We all walk in to the B-DAC on Friday or Saturday nights, expecting to see our elite basketball team win every time. Seems like we haven’t lost at home since the beginning of the year. What is it about the home advantage that makes it so special? Maybe the team feels more comfortable, maybe there shoes are used to the hard wood floor. It could be the student section…or maybe what is right next to it.

Men close season with 2 OT loss to CSI

College of Eastern Utah’s men’s basketball team went two for two in their last four games of conference play. They gained both of their loses this past weekend in Idaho against College of Southern Idaho and North Idaho College. Despite the bad ending to conference play; the Eagles still finished with the second seed heading into the Scenic West Athletic Conference tournament this weekend.

Next on the tee:

As athletes and just as human beings we have a tendency to count ourselves out before we even start many times. We declare things to be impossible, as if there is no way that they can ever be achieved, though we know with perseverance and effort on our part they can be done. Although this may be the general tendency, there are times where we believe that we can achieve things and others around us tell us that there is no way that we can ever do them, they determine what is impossible for us without allowing us to determine what we can and will achieve for ourselves.

Eagles struggle in final games

The Eagles ended the regular season 1-3, and head to Twin Falls Thursday in a rematch against Snow College. They played hard games against Salt Lake Community College, Snow College, College of Southern Idaho and North Idaho College.
SLCC came into Eagle territory Feb. 18. “I thought we played pretty well,” said Coach Paur. There first half started with quick jumper by Priscila Santos. Both teams battle back and forth for a lead with only six minutes left in the half. SLCC pulled ahead to end the half 31-25.

New director at CEU Prehistoric Museum

The CEU Prehistoric Museum has a new director: Dr. Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D.
Kenneth Carpenter’s resume is impressive, having published 11 books and published in over 200 scientific and popular publications. He was also a curator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for 20 years and has appeared in over 30 television programs about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

Session’s bathroom gets

Recently it was discovered that the drain in the women’s bathroom in Sessions was separated from the shower area, allowing water underneath the shower floor. The odorous smell was caused by an old, nasty water that had gone undiscovered.
Once this was brought to the attention of James Prettyman, director of public safety, he contacted Steve Carlson, the Session’s plumber and asked him how they’d be able to fix the problem. After a short discussion between the two, they calculated how much the project would cost.

“The Price” opens in the Rio Theatre this weekend

A dusty attic filled with sheet draped furniture, old belongings and more than a few memories of the past surround the four characters in Arthur Miller’s timeless classic, The Price. Taking place at The Rio Theatre in Helper, the show opens March 3rd and continues through 6th, and starts again March 10th through the 13th. Curtain is at 7:30 pm, except for Sundays, which is a matinee, with curtain at 2 p.m.

Our view on people might be wrong; try to get to know them

Hannah Lartey is always either too serious or too happy, but there is more to her than we know.
The beautiful olive-skinned student was born in Orem, Utah, to the Lartey family, which comprises her Ghanaian dad and American mom. She is the third of six children. She said enjoys being the middle child.
Her dad is from Ghana and served an LDS mission in California and was sponsored by his mission president to get an education in Ricks College. It was there that her parents met and were married.

Remodeled Library provides great resource for patrons

The USU-CEU library staff has been working diligently these past several months to provide students, faculty and staff on campus with materials, services and the type of research environment appropriate to a higher education academic library.
To that end, the USU-CEU Library staff purchased and installed 40-Dell computers in the library. Each computer is equipped with the latest features including Microsoft Office 7 and outfitted with 23” monitors.

Married in college: the stress

When you are married and something crappy happens, it is both better and worse than it was when you were single. How can that be, you ask? Well, it’s better because you know you have someone to help share the burden, someone who has to listen to you vent, and someone who can rub your feet when you’re finally done ranting. But it’s also worse because once you finish your rant your spouse feels awful too and then you feel guilty.

Scream as a team, be proud Eagles

I am a proud eagle. I believe that I attend the best institution in the state. I try to support as best I can. I go to activities, I am involved in clubs, and I attend the games. I have enjoyed the time that I have spent watching our teams play their hardest. There is a great atmosphere in the BDAC when the Golden Eagles take the floor, and we have been privileged to have a very successful men’s basketball season in particular.