May 14, 2021

Day: April 5, 2012

The Green Team: a recycling organization

Valeria Moncada
features editor
[email protected]
Caitlin Patterson a freshman at USU Eastern, is in charge of the Green Team. The Green Team is a recycling organization that has been around USU Eastern for about three years. Patterson became the leader of the Green Team in fall semester of 2011.
Her job is to be responsible for picking up any recyclable items on campus. She has managed to get USU Eastern their own recycling trailer, acquire more recycling bins throughout different buildings and also in the dorms. She is also working on attaining an e-waste bin as well.

A book filled with magic and dragons called Eragon

Eragon lives in a world where magic is a thing of the past. Only the evil king Galbatorix and the elves seem to be able to use magic. There was once Dragon Riders that helped rule the land and keep the peace.
Galbatorix and his Forsaken Dragon Riders fought the other Dragon Riders. Eventually only Galbatorix was left to rule the land of Alagaesia. Eragon lives with his uncle Garrow and his cousin Roran, though Roran is more a brother. They are humble farmers living off of the land.

Living in Price helps keep Salcedo focused

As students are walking to class, they might notice a quiet guy walking around campus with his head phones in, looking quiet, seems friendly, but most of the time he might say things to encourage others or make their day better; this student is Ryan Salcedo, an athlete at USU Eastern.
One of the things that Salcedo likes most about USU Eastern is the people, “the fact that everyone goes out their way to help you.”

Doris Christensen retires after 18 years of teaching and working at USU Eastern

After 18 years of teaching and working in the Health and Wellness Center, Doris Christensen said farewell to USU Eastern on March 23 as she retired to start a new adventure.
Christensen has been a member of the faculty and staff at CEU and USU Eastern for nearly 18 years, teaching EMT classes and working as director of the Health and Wellness Center.
“Doris shared her knowledge of nursing with her students. They loved her lectures because she was able to make nursing come alive,” said Donna Cartwright, EdD, APRN interim director and associate professor of nursing.

Why pay for a name like Gibson?

In all my years playing the guitar, the one thing I hear most from young players, is  I could play better if I had a better instrument.
Some of the best advice I ever received, came from one the greatest bassist to grace the musical scene, Victor Wooten, was that you make the guitar sound better and not the other way around. Although I agree with that concept, not all guitars are made equal.
The differences between good and bad guitars, cars or female stars for that matter, is what’s under the hood so to speak and the prices will vary depending on their components.

USU Eastern’s Annual Student Art Show at Gallery East

USU Eastern’s Art Department is hosting its annual juried Student Art Show from April 2 through May 3 at Gallery East located in the Old SAC Building.
The show is open to all USU Eastern students and includes all art forms and media.
Gallery director Noel Carmack says, “even though we don’t have as many entries as in past years, we are delighted to see some strong work in all the visual art disciplines. We have a number of outstanding drawings, paintings, photos and ceramic pieces. It’s really worth coming to see.”

Where are they now?

USU Eastern has had its fair share of great athletes that not only left their marks on the court, but on the hearts of the students and community. These athletes received numerous accolades while at CEU and USU Eastern. These former Golden Eagles have garnered accolades like All-American, First Team All-Region, Second Team All-Region and honorable mentions. Many former Golden Eagles have spread their wings and soared to new heights at other universities.
Isiah Williams

Smurf Turf: I’ve got the fever

Sit down, Christopher Walken. This isn’t something that can be solved with a cowbell.
Love is in the air. Okay, that didn’t sound right, but that’s what people tell me. I think it could be the love of summer that they’re smelling. The sweet smell of baseball season, perhaps. Technically, the season started in Japan last week with a two-game series between the punchless Seattle Mariners and the hapless Oakland Athletics. After playing the games, the teams promptly flew back to the United States and played a handful of spring training games, which don’t count in the standings.

5 reasons to come watch USU Eastern baseball this spring

 1 .The grass is getting greener and greener every day. Eastern’s baseball field is clean cut and growing green. It’s beginning to feel like spring on a daily basis and spring weather is baseball weather. Kids love coming to watch baseball on a “real” field
2. It’s conference baseball with half of the conference schedule left to play it heats up now. Eastern is notorious for heating up at the end of the season and playing spoiler for the nationally ranked teams such as Western Nevada or Salt Lake Community College.  If you like underdogs, Eastern is your team.

Injuries, losses pile up

The Golden Eagle baseball, after winning five of the last six games, lost their last eight games. They were swept in four games by the 15-ranked Salt Lake Community College and College of Southern Nevada. Eastern has not benefitted from numerous of injuries to key starters.
One of those injuries is sophomore 3B/RHP Kody Christoffersen who will be out another three weeks after receiving a blood transfusion and will likely need surgery after the season.

Eric Hansen: the man

Number 21, Eric Kent Hansen, hails from the town of Roy, Utah, where he graduated in 2008 from Roy High School. Hansen is a multi-talented, well-rounded man. In high school he competed in soccer, basketball, football, and baseball, while also being involved in chamber choir and serving as the royal choir president. High school was a good experience for him, but when asked what his favorite memory of high school was, he replied, “Graduation day was the best!” I guess he was excited about his upcoming move to Price, Utah.

New Ambassadors for the 2012-2013 school year

For the 2012-2013 school year, 16 new ambassadors were selected to join the returning six from this year. The newly named ambassadors of incoming freshman represent locations from throughout Utah and one from Idaho. The ambassadors will be directed by Fernando Alcantar, director of student life, leadership and involvement.